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Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black Reviews

Positive Reviews

Eddie Haskell

Very Happy with this Kamado so far


Pros: Price and seems to be of decent quality

Cons: None so far

I was going to go out and buy one of those expensive ceramic Kamado grills having never actually used one or even seen one in person. I have always wanted to smoke ribs, fish, chicken and these things seem to be able to do it all! I stumbled across a review of the Char Griller Akorn and started doing research. It seems like most people that buy them, really like them! I decided to purchase this lower priced unit, learn how to use a Kamado and when it dies, I will replace it at that time with whatever my cooking skills deserve.
Dr K

Insulated cooking is the way to go!


Pros: $248, light and manueverable, no spring assisted lid opening device, insulated, elevated rack, removable ash pan, triple wall insulated pit area

I was limited on the pros so to continue:  no extreme high heat thermal cracking like ceramic models in winter, no chipping, cracking, breaking, shattering, comes with a stand, accessory tray and side trays,  1/4 the price of other ceramics, I can keep temps below 200*F up to 800*F, have had mine three years no issues, (I cover when not in use since it's metal with hollow walls and wood stove insulation needs to be kept dry,) -Kurt

Negative Reviews


You get what you pay for


Pros: Price

Cons: Quallity

‚ÄčI am the king of bargains and finding deals. So you can image how excited I was when I found this at my local big box store. The first 6-8 month were great, I smoked everything, life was great. Then I started to notice the handles were splitting and eventually completely broke. The lower ash pan completely rusted out after the first year. Not kidding, the vent you slide to control the air is nothing but a huge gap of rusty shards of metal. There is a bracket that supports the ash pan after you unlatch the latches on both sides, Welds Broke long before it rusted out. $300 and only got a year out of it???  Kinda sucks. Ill push it out with the trash and let some sucker...
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Mixed Results with Char-Griller Kamado Kooker


Pros: Price,Attractiveness, Assembly,weight

Cons: Lots of leaks, Hard Temp Control, Possible Safey Issues

I owned this Grill for 2 weeks, then I had a bad experience. When I went to use the Grill they day after I smoked a Chicken, I Notice that the ash pan paint was burned off, and the handles turned to charcoal and fell off. So I sent the Grill back.   That being said, There are thousands of people that own and love the Grill, There is a big following on this forum: There are some Videos on how to fix the leaks.   It is a very nice looking Kamado, looked real nice on my patio.   The Kooker did introduce me to Kamado's, and I had some great meals from it. But I could not control the temperature. This is in part do to my...
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More Reviews


Big Red Char-Griller Kamado Kooker


Pros: Great price, easy ash cleaning, new model improvements

Cons: must contact Char-Griller for accessories

The new model with the black top vent is an improvement over the previous stainless steel silver vent (older) model. The new black cast aluminum top vent now has a large o-ring washer to seal it air tight to the top of the Kooker. Make sure you buy the unit with the black top vent and you will have the new model. The bottom of this unit drops down and comes off completely after releasing the two latches to clean the ashes out. Much easier than digging in the vent hole to clean the ashes. The unit has a metal exterior, triple insulated including the bottom, with a porcelain interior. Like most grills and kookers the temperature gauge is not...
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Pros: Low fuel usage, MOIST tender meat, Super high heat available for pizza, seraing steaks, etc., Very HIGH Value considering the LOW COST!

Cons: Needed a few minor mods to seal perfectly

This excellent smoker/grill almost makes producing the best smoked meat I've ever tasted too easy. On previous smokers, I was forced to brine and/or inject most meats or they would dry out in the smoker. The Akorn kamado smoker/grill however those extra steps are not necessary. Because this smoker seals up so well, there is a much lower amount of airflow that moves across the meat. The meat stays moist WITHOUT the brine and injections. I have smoked pork roast, beef roast - both sliced and pulled, pork loin, ham, and turkey so far. Steaks, pork chops, hamburgers and pizza at high temps. Everything turned out nearly perfect!   After adding some Nomex at the top and bottom seals...
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Mr Cue

The Char-Griller Akorn provides great performance at an affordable price.


Pros: Fully insulated unit keeps the outside cool while cooking. You can grill, smoke, or bake all on one unit. Very strudy compared to other CG cookers.

Cons: Requires some learning compared to basic charcoal cookers. Temps can be difficult to control. Not much support from Char-Griller site.

 I got my first look at the Char-Griller Akorn at and further research lead me to a great YouTube video series about the cooker in early 2013. Initially, I was interested in a Big Green Egg but was not willing to spend over one thousand dollars on a kamado grill without having used one before. After a few solid weeks of watching videos, reading reviews, and finding a very dedicated group of kamado cooking aficionados over at, my wife and I decided that we would purchase the Akorn. Very few things that are offered at a great discount over their competitors rarely turn out to meet or exceed my expectations but the CGA was completely opposite of that. Not once...
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Excellent Kamado


Pros: Easy temperature control

Cons: None so far

I have owned the Akorn Kamado grill for about three months now. I use it all the time and I have smoked chicken and turkey so far. I have used it to grill one of the best ribeye steaks I have ever had. Grilled it at about 600 deg. with no problems. my smoking has been done at about 225 deg. I get it up to temperature and adjust the inlet and outlet air ducts and it holds the temperature very well. I don't depend on the grill thermometer, use a Maverick remote thermometer to keep track of the grill temp and the meat temp.

Great Flavor, Great Cooker --NO PARTS


Pros: Smokes really well. Its been a good cooker for the time I had it.

Cons: Had a cooking grate issue and found NO PARTS after looking everywhere. You will find a cover, and a cooking stone. But no replacement parts.

Really disappointed in trying to find parts for this grill

Happy Char-Griller Kamado Akorn Model #96619 Owner


Pros: Efficient for cooking small quantities of food, well insulated, very flexible, classic Kamado performance but it's STEEL and not fragile Ceramic!

Cons: Needs a Charcoal Basket, and a Water Pan on top of the Included Diffuser/Baffle, and you have to source both of those yourself.

I picked up my 2013 Char-Griller Kamado Akorn Grill Model #96619 at BJ's for $280 last month. It has a 19.5" round cast iron cooking grate and triple wall STEEL insulated shell. It came with a very thick ceramic interior smoking diffuser/baffle for indirect-heat smoking and a nice fitted cover. So it has 300 square inches of primary cooking area not counting the additional 143 square inch (13.5" diameter) warming/upper grill. About the only things I needed to add were a round charcoal basket, and a 10 - 13 inch diameter water/drippings pan to place on top of the ceramic smoking baffle. The new model seems like they improved some of the seals. During assembly I noticed that the oven-door...
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Best Yet


Pros: great way to fully smoke turkey or pork sholder

Cons: rust is inevetable....temp control is an art learned over a long time

My dad had one of the origional ceramic eggs from Japan and wouldn't cook on anything else.  I'm beginning to see why.  I have a gas grill too for quickies like hot dogs and burgers but any quality cooking is done on the Acorn.  Over the years I've had aluminum gas grills generic charcoal grills and even a Hibatchi. The Acorn is like 'the next step"and will likely be my 'go-to' grill from this day fwd.

Great alternative for the Green Egg


Pros: Affordable, works great, very efficient

Cons: Steel will eventually rust, if left in the rain

My wife bought this for me because I had been wanting a Green Egg, but couldn't justify the cost, so when I saw this on Amazon I put it on my wish list.   First, I should address the "air leak" issue that is mentioned in the Amazon reviews.  The unit has been redesigned to eliminate that problem, there are no air leaks that are sufficient to keep the fire lit.   There was a bit of a learning curve in fire control for low and slow cooking.  What I learned was to give it a load of cold coals, and light one edge of the load.  If you toss a chimney of hot coals in it, the temp will be fine for grilling, bit not for a low-slow cook.  If you get the grill...
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Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker


Pros: crazy efficient, great price, can grill or smoke, easy to empty ash pan,

Cons: you need to seal air leaks,

I wanted a BGE but didn't want to pay that kind of $. I had a electric unit before and was afraid of getting up at night to add charcoal, so i bought this unit as a experiment.   The BBQ is soo much better with charcoal over my electric.    Assembly was easy, grill is heavy but no BGE heavy.     Use a little RTV to seal any air leaks and this baby will hold temps easily.   The whole bottom pan comes off to empty ash which is way better than a BGE.   This smoker will also grill @700 degrees so its great for steaks and makes a mean pizza.    Glad I bought it! › Smokers & More › Smokers › Ceramic Smokers › Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black › Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black Reviews