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Char Broil Silver Smoker


Pros: Lots of room for smoking. Even heat,

Cons: Front table is weak. Handles fall apart

All in all, I could not be much happier with my Silver Smoker. I replaced the handles with some solid pear wood about the same diameter as the originals. I replaced the front table with a piece of Corian I had laying around. I put a dutch oven into the opening of the firebox/grill area and it dissipates the heat and spreads the moisture nicely. I have smoked many turkeys, pork butts, cheese, chickens, etc. with this unit. It sits out on my patio year around and has lost some paint but not much. Fathers day, I cooked steaks and burgers. They were perfect! The only thing I would change is the firebox and entrance into the grill area. It would be nice if there were no lip so I could just pull all the ash out the firebox door. I have put a second thermometer in the lid on the other end and there is only 10 degrees difference when the dutch oven is in place otherwise it is more like 25 degrees.


Pros: spacious cooking area

Cons: rickety stand, phony thermometer, ill-fitted lid, thin metal

The smoker is fairly heavy and is supported by some seriously rickety legs.  The thermometer in the lid is totally bogus.  You will need to purchase an additional thermometer if you plan on smoking.  The lid on my unit was rolled crooked so it doesn't seal properly.  The paint flakes off after just a few uses.


This smoker used to be made by a different company.  The new version by Char Broil seems considerably weaker than the original.


Now, having said all that, it does turn out some good Q!   Without any modifications I get pretty even temperatures from one side of the smoker to the other.  It might not be as efficient as earlier models with thicker steel, but it holds heat reasonably well.


I wanted a wood burning offset smoker, and I didn't want to pay the big bucks.  I salute Char Broil for making a smoker in my price range.  I just wish they could beef up the quality, at least back to the status quo ante.


And the thermometer problem is rediculous.  Anyone attempting to smoke based on the lid thermometer is doomed to failure.  I went through several smokes before I figured out how totally worthless the thermometer was.   When I investigated the problem I found out it is common in smokers sold in big box stores, so head's up!


In summary: if you are looking specifically for an affordable, charcoal/wood-burning, direct flow, offset smoker, the Char Broil Silver Smoker might be for you.  Just be aware of the product's shortcomings.

Char Broil Silver Smoker

Char Broil welcomes you to barbecuing like the pros with the Silver Smoker. This grill represents our mid size smoker bbq. Almost everything you've seen on cooking shows or tasted in your favorite barbecue restaurants around the country can be brought into your own home with this grill. The offset firebox provides you with the heat and smoke flavor to slow cook your favorite foods. Whether the wood is cherry, mesquite, hickory, pecan, or any personal recipe for taste, nature provides the flavor and the grill gives you the means to do it the way the pros do. Char Broil pays attention to the little things that makes barebecuing truly great. If you notice the smoke stack on the Silver Smoker it is set at the top of the grill as you would expect. The Silver Smoker is a great way to ,get started in barbecuing. If it is your preference you can also use it as a standard charcoal grill. Simply put charcoal underneath the cooking grates in the main chamber and you are ready to go. Regardless, Char Broil knows barbecuing, and we have done our homework so that you can have the best cooking experience possible.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureFirebox access door with integrated damper
Height18.8 inches
Length17.8 inches
Weight135 pounds
Width55.3 inches
List Price$258.00
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleChar Broil Silver Smoker
Release Date2006-09-29
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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The built-in thermometer that comes with this smoker is utterly worthless. 


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