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Char Broil Offset Smoker American Gourmet Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews


First Smoker


Pros: Fast Temp Response

Cons: Needs a lot of work to

This is my first smoker, so I kept it small and cheap.  I bought this one so I could design my own temp controller and any other electronics ( I know:  sacrilege).  It went together easy, and they only thing I can ding is the the abundance of spots where smoke leaks out.  This is not going to effect the quality of the smoke, but it will give me something else to do to try and make it better.  I deffinately recommend this grill over its bigger brother if you are just starting out.

Great Grill for the Money!


Pros: Good Smoke Flow, Easy to Clean, Great Price!

Cons: A little Small (only holds 1 full rack of pork spareribs)

My next grill will definitely be the next size up - but, like others, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy smoking the meat as much as I like eating it and this grill was about $100.00 less than the next size up. I talked to several folks before buying and they unanimously said to get the offset for it's ease of use. It is very easy to use and while it takes continual monitoring of the heat and smoke (add wood, and or lump charcoal every 30-40 mins) that actually makes it a little more fun as you get to smeel it and look at it all day long.

Negative Reviews


very small surface & firebox


Pros: very inexpensive

Cons: alot of work adding fuel all the time

This is the first one I bought as I thought & wasn't sure how much I may enjoy this hobby. WELL I wish I had went for it. This thing is SO SMALL even the firebox. I did some mods, raised the fire grate & lowered the damper, even put in a swingaway for more cooking area. This makes it run hotter & longer. all in all alot of work for those long smokes & I would say, fork out the few extra bucks for the bigger american deluxe or the SnP at the least.   good smokes to ya

Small, good for beginners or SHORT smokes


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Cheap

I bought this a few months ago when I first got back into smoking. My previous smoking experience was using a converted gas grill, so I though this would be better than that, and would allow me to see if I really wanted to get into all that. It went together easily, and I lit a curing fire that same night. Right away, some of the paint burnt off the firebox near the bottom. I was following the directions as they were written, but it still happened. Now, a few smokes later I notice that the top of the firebox has burnt up too.   I've smoked in this lil pit maybe 5 or 6 times, and learned it enough that my Q started comin out real good! The tiny lil firebox on this thing means I...
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More Reviews


Great for the Price


Pros: Easy to assemble, Great for long, Cool Smoking

Cons: Small

I bought this on sale to use as a temporary smoker until I can afford a super heavy-duty unit, and after my larger similar offset smoker finally died. Although it's too light for constant use, it does a great job for the occasional smoker. Since the offset heat box can't hold much fuel, I use charcoal as a heat source, Stubbs or Ozark hardwood chunks, and add either apple or cherry wood chips soaked in water for the smoke flavor. This actually works better than my larger offset smoker did, as it keeps between 200-250 degrees during a 6 hour smoke with little help or attention from me. The small size of the fire box caused it to fill with ash after a few hours which also serves to damper...
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Perfect for my wife and I


Pros: Easily mobile; for smoking at tailgates, parties, etc...

Cons: Smoke seeps put of everywhere, not too hard to correct.

I love this smoker so much I bought it TWICE!  Someone stole the initial one I had gotten as a gift from my father but I liked grilling and smoking on it so much I had to buy another one.  Does a great job smoking and is perfect for quick smokes (which I do a lot of at tailgates).  Perfect for beginners to get used to the whole smoking gig.  Now that I have an electric smoker, Ill start all my meats off in this smoker for a few hours to get that impressive smoke ring, then on to the electric smoker.  Ribs do well if you purchase a rib rack to position them in the middle (highest area of the grill).  Love this thing and the bigger versions of the model!!

Small, Cheap, Cheaply made, Lots of mods, great bbq


Pros: It's a good first smoker, cheap and good to learn with

Cons: It's very cheaply made, an so small it can be very frustrating

It's small. - As a result the firebox is very close to the cooking area of the grill. It's cheap, which means it rusts easily, but the cost of it isn't going to break your back, so you can experiment. I added the following mods: 1) Paint it .. again and again. my firebox got very hot consistently and peeled the paint reportedly. I need to find a fireproof primer. 2) I put three additional temperature gauges. You'll notice that there is a huge difference between grill level temperature and top level temperature. Cost $21:     a) One in the lid of the firebox so I know if I need to add wood without opening it.     b) One at grill level half way between...
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Great Value


Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: small fire box, thin metal, leaky.

I bought this smoker 2 weeks ago.  Last weekend I cooked a 9 lb pork butt in it.  First try ever at smoking.  Been grilling for years , even smoking on the charcoal grill.  This was quite the experience.  I had temp prob in meat and one in chamber , but the one in the chamber was in front of the meat.  The false reading resulted in 5 hours of extra cooking.  i had to use the grill supplied for the firebox , as it sat down lower in the smoke chamber allowing the Butt to fit.  I used a rub overnight and spritzed with apple juice/ apple cider vinegar and water after 6 hrs of cooking.   I maintained a smoking temp of 200-200 or so i thought....
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Sonny Douglass

Paint Peeling


Pros: Cooks Great

Cons: Paint peels off

Bought this smoker yesterday, using it for 1st time today. After starting the Charcoal in the fire bin, I noticed the paint flaking off the bottom, after a few more mins the paint started peeling off the top of the fire bin also. Cooked great tho.

Good smoker - good for learning the basics


Pros: Good for a small meal deal

Cons: Needs a lot of attention to keep the heat right.

It's actually my second smoker (First one was a Brinkman R2D2)  So I thought I knew what I was doing.  Thank God for this site and learning how to smoke.  Before coming here it was an easy smoker to use but the results were less than good.  Light a fire, throw a chunk of meat in the smoker, add wood from time to time,  take out the rather dry, kind of tough smoky meat and wonder what I did wrong.    So after coming here and learning a few things...   It's a bit of a chore to keep this smoker at the proper temp.  Does require tending to the fire on a regular basis.  Should be check about every 1/2 hour to insure the best firs control.   For the beginner and from a beginners...
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Good Smoke but alot of upkeep


Pros: good smoke

Cons: assembly

I purchased this smoker because it was pretty cheap by a well know company. First there was the assembly they said about 1 hour, ya it took me 3.  It is quite heavy for its size (about 125 lbs) but once you get passed all that it is pretty fool proof to use.  I use a bed of coals (natural lump better flaver easy to start) wait till my temp gets up, insert meat, add soaked wood chips (about every hour) untill done.  Can't get much simpler I do very strongly recommend lump coals though, they are made from natural wood not chips pressed together that you buy from a factory.  There can be flavors in thoughts typed of coals from the processing.

Good to go.


Pros: Inexpensive and usable

Cons: A little small

The smoker is a little small but does a great job. Controlling the heat is easy but you have to fill the the fire box at least once an hour which is a pain on a long smoke. For the price it can't be beat and for two people it is perfect. GrizzB › Smokers & More › Smokers › Horizontal Offset Smokers › Direct Flow › Char Broil Offset Smoker American Gourmet Grill › Char Broil Offset Smoker American Gourmet Grill Reviews