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Char Broil Magnum 340 Quantum Infrared Two-Burner Gas Grill

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #13 in Propane Grills


Pros: SEARS BEEF EXCELLENT! high temps make grilling EEZYBREEZY! small size PERFECT for our small patio

Cons: ok-i hate cleaning it-but i hate cleaning EVERYTHING! wish they would have added the side burner even with this grills smaller sized grill

ok--i used to HATE grilling. 

whenever we had cookouts at our place,  i found the man to MAN our grill because i never could get the knack of it.  with the heat fluctuating all the time,  i found it stressful to grill and oftentimes would just SWOON over other's success at it---i wanted to be like THEM!!!!  but, it always happened the same way-- sometimes things turned out--sometimes they didnt (& usually when my in-laws were over for supper!)--SO--plain and simple--i hated it.

with a PASSION!!

have i mentioned how much i DID NOT like grilling!!!???? hahaha!!!


since relocating to florida, i was NOT looking forward to getting another grill.  i felt a terrible pit in my stomach just thinking about how much money we were gonna waste when we bought another grill that i was gonna watch deteriorate through my kitchen window from lack of use.


spring arrives and there we are at a favorite placeof ours:  LOWES.

yippeee!!! will ya just LOOK at all those shiny NEW grills!!! hubby happily drags me through the rows and rows of them and we start reading, investigating, comparing, learning.

i knew i HAD to pay attention because i knew by the look on my wonderful husbands face--

we were going home with a grill that day--NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

which i thought was kind of silly because i could SEE him thinking about those grilled steaks THAT I COULD NEVER MAKE RIGHT!!!! how could he have forgotten how much i DIDNT grill before???


whatever--we were getting one--so i figured i better hunker down and really look at them.

first thing i noticed was --there are some seriuosly MONSTER grills out there!!!

even when we came upon the Char Broil Quantum Infrared Series,  i kept thinking "too much too much!!!"

too big--i didnt want all that space! i dont even KNOW anyone in florida that we can invite over! and theres only me-darling hubby-and 17 yr old son!

but this Char Broil line really struck me as user friendly.

it made me imagine that even i could grilll successfully.


thats when the magic happened for me.

all the way down at the end of the monsters was a very small version off the monsters.

and i mean small! rhode island could kick the crap out of it thats how small i'm talking!


the side shelves folded down & created patio version size that didnt intimidate me.

i read about all the infrared features and was getting just a little excited about it.

could i actually make a steak that wasn't jerkey?  the more i pondered it,  the more my husband kept commenting on how cute it was! (he doesn't use the word "cute" that often,  so this was momentous to say the least)  but he was right!!! it IS cute.

just enough for us.

so . . .

thats it!

we bought it.  picked out a nice Char Broil cover, bought a propane tank with fuel,  and were on our way home to put it together.

darling husband (dh) had that thing put together in about 1-1 1/2 hours.

he took his time and did it in FRONT of the tv!!!!


so i had to WAIT until i could actually get it outside to season it!

i read the directions (because i'm a GIRL--THATS why!!)

then proceeded to BATHE & wipe it completely down with peanut oil.

went online to see if i couldnt find some rerviews to read (because AFTER you buy the product its good to know what you paid for,  of course. . .i mean, we're not STUPID ya know! ahem.) while the grill was burning off the oil--thus seasoning itself.


oh boy.

i hardly found ONE SINGLE POSITIVE review!!!!!

--complaints GALORE about it parts of the grill body rusting, the gratees were rusting,  the infrared pans were clogging,  yadda yadda yadda bad grill bad grill!!!


"honey? heh heh  . . . these reviews dont look so good"

yeah,  i got a bit nervous--but it was good that i read those reviews.


next day i bought steaks. had some HANDY videos on tips & techniques and recipes and i watched that guy grill his strip steaks to perfection and went immediately to the commissary to buy OUR steaks.

ohhh i could hardly contain myself i was sooo excited.


went online again to get a great Steak Butter recipe that i could apply to the steaks to melt afterward while they were "resting".


guess what???




i am not kidding! i grilled them to perfection!!

my husband literally MOANED while he ate his and kept naming off all of our favorite steak houses that MY steaks were better than!!! hahaha!!!

i felt RIDICULOUSLY triumphant!! 

im serious--honeys--you'd think i WORKED for Charb Broil!!! i was and AM STILL sooooo STOKED about this grill.

ive been using it nearly EVERY week since purchasing it ! ! 

i am getting a feel for the high temps and what they do with different types meats--and different thicknesses of meat-- and i am in hog heaven now.


you heard it here first people---


this infrared grill and the pans under them make everything sooo easy without the flare-ups that usually ruined my meals.  i follow the directions for cleaning it and seasoning it everytime i use it--i dont LIKE TO CLEAN IT--but i DO IT--it doesnt take but ab out 5 minutes!!

those folks that complained about what the grates "LOOKED" like rust is actually SEASONING!!

they are SUPPOSED to be UGLY UGLY UGLY!!!

you arent supposed to clean all that black seasoning OFF of them---they arent supposed to STAY looking nice and silver!!!

so here and there where i havent "oiled" them there is a tad bit of rust--nothing serious--just the same as when you use an iron pot---gotta keep it oiled.

it rained sideways here with a bad storm one night and watr got up under our cover--so right where the door closes on the inside theres a spot of surface rust.

if having a perfectly beautiful looking grill is what matters to you---then this probably isnt the grill for you.

i dont care that the black paint is peeling on the inside of my grill because of the 500 degree heat!!! lol

these are things that do NOT matter to me when folks are sitting around myyyy table all humming and moaning about how good their food is!! 


so--i know this is the longest review you've ever read--its actually only the second and longest one ive ever written--im a bit on the yappy side, i KNOW!!!!

but i am one happy little puppy here on the panhandle of florida enjoying the snot outta this GREAT GRILL!!!

i'm gonna go  post this on amazon's reviews too because there needs to be a common sense review about this grill---it certainly isn't PERFECT for everyone.

but its perfect for me,  and for someone that literally felt like she had the FLU whenever the subject of grilling supper came up--- i'd say that says a lot.

i love it.   so much,  i would marry it.

its true!!

i actually wanna marry my grill.

heh heh heh. 

Char Broil Magnum 340 Quantum Infrared Two-Burner Gas Grill

The Char Broil Quantum M340 IR is so named because it features Char Broil's patented and award winning Quantum Infared cooking system. The Quantum Infared cooking system completely elimates flare up and its design allows for perhaps the greatest grilling versatility seen in years. Each burner has its own temperature gauge located above the control knob and working at grate level for a true reading of the heat about to sear you steak or whatever you may be grilling. The Quantum Infared design also allows you to add wood chips directly on to the cooking grates for added flavor and no flare up. This 2 burner grill is highly efficient due to the unique patented infared grates and thus needs just 2 burners get the job done with the smaller cooking area. The Quantum Infared Urban is ideal for a wide variety of groups. Perhaps space is an issue for your patio or perhaps you just want high-end infrared cooking performance without the $500+ price tag. This grill features 340 sq. in. of primary cooking area, 125 sq. in. of secondary cooking area, new "Surefire" electronic ignition, and a combination of stainless steel and painted steel appliance style cart construction. As with all grills, we recommend keeping the firebox clean to help avoid flare up as well as using a grill cover to protect your invesent.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureSurefire Electronic Ignition
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Height45.67 inches
Length21.93 inches
Weight7.75 pounds
Width46.1 inches
LabelChar Broil
List Price$329.99
ManufacturerChar Broil
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherChar Broil
StudioChar Broil
TitleChar Broil Magnum 340 Quantum Infrared Two-Burner Gas Grill
Release Date2010-01-17
Material Typesteel
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