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CB CB600X LP Vertical Smoker

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Pros: Inexpensive, Easy To Assemble, Smokes Well After Mods

Cons: Cruddy Packaging, Defective Chip Tray Design

The Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker is a decent smoker with horrible packaging. Mine was damaged in shipping, but not so damaged I returned it (and let’s face it, returning a large item like this once it is unpacked and all defects are apparent is a PIA).


The Good: decent low end smoker.
The Bad: you need a few mods to get it to decent.
The Ugly: even if the box does not appear damaged, there is a high probability that your unit was damaged in shipping.




Damage to this smoker during shipping happens. A lot. The packaging materials/Styrofoam are too thin, and plainly inadequate to protect this unit during shipping (see picture). Fully unpacked, I found:


1) A dented top. The dented top caused the back wall to separate from the top, it was held by the rivet, but see my included picture showing the gap between the smoker wall and the top which occurred in transit.
2) A bottom corner was bent in 1/3rd of an inch. Nothing I couldn’t fix with a pair of pliers, but sheesh.
3) The rack support attached to the side wall of the smoker to hold the shelves broke during shipping. Char-Broil shipped me a new one free of charge, but again, it shows the stress the bad packaging puts on this unit in transit.




Char-Broil Vertical Gas Smoker is a cheap smoker, built to a price. No shame in that for those on a budget/not sure how much smoking they will do. This unit is often on sale for about half its list price. Once assembled, the smoker runs well, and does the job, once you make a few modifications, noted below. Getting think blue smoke and a decent smoke ring on our first set of ribs was fairly easy, and did not require too much fiddling.




Even turned-down to the lowest setting on the controller, even with a full water pan, my smoker runs at 255-260 degrees - just a bit outside the range you want. To bring the temp down to 225-235 for low and slow smoking, you need to turn the controller job past “High” to where there are 3 painted white stripes. For me, the setting on the second white stripe brought the temp down to 225ish.




1. The combo water/chip pan does not work because if you use the lower level for water, you will splash water into your chips and the water steams off too quickly because of its proximity to the flame. As others have noted, a baking pan filled with water and placed on the lowest rack stills burns off, but at a slower rate, and poses no threat to your chips. This means you lose a shelf/rack, so …

2. Buy an extra shelf from Char-Broil - less than $20 shipped.

3. Use some Sil-Bond Food Grade BBQ High temp caulk to seal the top so your smoke goes through the vent, not the sides of the unit.

4. Apply some Lavalock High Temp Nomex BBQ HT gasket smoker seal tape to the smoker door, again, to keep smoke and heat from escaping the sides.


All in, this unit was a bear to assemble, but not too bad once you make a few changes to account for the bad design of the chip/water pan. For the money it is a decent value, but you can avoid most of these hassles by spending another $50-$75 dollars for a nicer smoker. I didn’t want to invest the additional funds, and think this Char-Broil is a decent value for the money. I must have the only smoker with a mfgr thermometer that works - at least partially - the indoor thermometer is dead on accurate between 200 and 275, but is inaccurate when the temp is turned higher.



Pros: Inexpensive, Easy to setup, Easy to use

Cons: Not insulated, thermometer in door useless, water & chip pan could be better, not shipped well

I bought this unit as I wanted to play with smoking.  I bought it from Home Depot and they had it drop shipped from Charbroil and it came with a dented front door.  After talking to HD, they discounted it to $135.  The problem was with CB and their packing materials or lack of.


  I used for the first time July 5th to cook 2 half turkeys.  Only issue I had was fighting the wind that day so I had to build a wind shield.  Wife said best tasting turkey she ever had.


Pros: Price, ease of use, simple

Cons: water pan,

Bought this after i needed to finally get a real smoker.  went to wal-mart and paid 145ish after tax and everything.


Putting it together was easy.  The smoker is not heavy so 1 person and put it together and move it if need be, but having that 2ed person makes it simpler.


I let mine run for around 20 minutes at 300 degrees, put wood chips in there also to get the smoking process sped up.  Once i started, heat control was somewhat easy to control(better than charcoal i think) but there is the flame control nob(i left on high) then the top vent.  I left it close for the smoking part but never got above 210, i opened it up for the foil part and i accidentally let the heat jack to 260, but thats because i didnt know opening the vent was gonna let it heat up.  But after that never above 230.


Overall easy to use, my baby backs turned out great,


Pros: Price/performance

Cons: Water pan needs to be replenished often, uninsulated, spring handles flimsy

Gifted by a friend, this seems to be a good entry smoker: The christening meal was babyback ribs which were dry rubbed and finished with a sweet/hot sauce.


The construction quality is IMHO noticeably better than more expensive units at Bass Pro Shops and elsewhere. For example, hinge pins and sockets were more robust as was the quality of the welds on the hinges. The door was appropriately stiff and closed fairly tight without the benefit of gaskets, whereas other low-end models were flimsy by comparison.


Temperature control was pretty good, and passed the judgement of the more experienced cook that gifted the machine to me. In order to achieve very low flame we found we needed to go past 'hi' and sneak the dial toward 'off' but I understand this is also the case with his Cabellas' sourced higher cost model.


So far, with one good smoke under my belt, the only concerns I have are the water pan / chip tray arrangement and the stiffness of the handle springs:

In the chip tray / water pan, chips were partially extinguished by falling fat and I had to replenish the water several times. This'll be easy to fix, with a small brownie pan or some such to catch fat.

The door and drawer handle springs are kind of flimsy, and allow your skin to come into contact with the hot handle beneath. It can certainly be bare-handed but care must be taken to avoid a burn.


CB CB600X LP Vertical Smoker

CB600X LP Vertical Smoker "3 chrome-plated cooking grates Warming rack on top of smoker chamber Porcelain wood chip and water pan Secondary door to access charcoal tray and water pan without losing heat Chrome-plated cool-touch handles Temperature gauge 16,500 BTU aluminized burner Rotary ignitor 578 sq. in. of cooking surface 7,566 cubic inches of cooking space Grease cup for easy clean-up"

FeatureSmokestack with adjustable damper
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height21 inches
Length18 inches
Weight76 pounds
Width36.5 inches
List Price$171.60
Package Quantity1
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameKITCHEN
TitleCB CB600X LP Vertical Smoker
Material Typealuminum
Material Type Set Elementceramic
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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