Great controller, very roomy cook surface. Extras are included.

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Camp Chef SmokePro LUX Pellet Grill

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Joe Fenn
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Pros: Size, controller, multiple setting, temp probe*, clean outs!!!

Cons: Hopper guard, probe cable.

Loving the extra room on the LUX.   (Bought as Cabela's Magnum)


Smoked 3 turkeys (at once) for thanksgiving and for SuperBowl did a 14lb brisket and 8 chicken quarters at the same time. 


I mostly use the hi-smoke setting (220 deg) and 350 for cooks, but it is nice to have more set points.


It love that the COVER, side-shelf, bottom shelf, upper cook rack and temp probe are all included in the box. Others make you buy those separately. 

I added a DLX 24" front folding wire shelf, led light and analog temp gauge in the lid.   (CC needs to start making a 36" shelf.)


Hopper dumps are getting common, but no one else has ash cleanout.  VERY HANDY!!!



Got tired of using the silly little rake so I pulled the hopper guard. ( I hope I am smart enough not to stick my fingers into a running auger. If not, it is only turning at .5 RPM so I should be OK.  )

  The probe cord kinks and breaks easily. Be very careful running it through the small feed hole. Any kinks and it is gone. 

   CC was very nice and replaced my first one at no charge.



 Thanksgiving'16:  3 turkeys, Spatchcocked for maximum rub and smoke intake.  


 Thanksgiving'16: 3 small turkeys stuffed with cornbread dressing roasted and rested to perfection.

2 hrs  Hi-smoke, 2 hours at 350 stuffed, 1 hour rest.  So moist, clear juice ran out on every bite.   



SB51: 14 lb brisket  finishing while 8 chicken quarters take us to kickoff.


6 quarts of TX Smoked Chili ( yes, it won men's chili cook-off at church)

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OK, more bragging.   7lb Corned beef point for St Patrick's day.
 I smoked a 7 lb point at 350 with Mesquite and Oak for 4 hours before covering 

Started with 1 can beef broth and 1 beer.   At 2 hours the pan was dry so I added 2 cans chicken broth and 1 more beer
At 4:00 hours, I added 5 lbs of par boiled fingerling and red potatoes and covered.  
At 5:00  hours,  added garlic salt, butter, carrots and 8 cabbage quarters.
At 6:00 hour, pulled and rested.