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Camp Chef Explorer Series EX-60LW 2-Burner Modular Cooking System, Black

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Power, Portability, Control

Cons: None noted.

I picked one of these up on Ebay years ago and have not looked back.  It is very well built and during Hurrican Gustav, this stove and my smoker fed the neighborhood.  It is sturdy and easy to set up and the high BTU burners coupled with appliance style controls make it a great unit.  I have nothing negative to say about this stove and would recommend it as a buy to anyone even at full price. 


Pros: Portable, plenty of heat adjustment, works with griddle, many accessories

Cons: Too short for me,6'3"

Bought this for our camper to cook breakfast on a cast iron griddle that I purchased. It fit perfectly. I now also use it to cook my 8-9 gal. chili at competitions. For the money  it is a great cooker. It does everything you would want it to do. I did modify the legs by having 1/2X13 nuts welded to the bottom of the legs so I could use 1/2x13x8" bolts to adjust the height & to level it up to make it more comfortable for me.It works like a champ!


Pros: Power house burners, plenty of room for 2 big pans/kettles, breaks down nicely

Cons: short reg. hose, needs wind shield below and acces. griddles are aweful need 12x12 x1/4" steel plate to make them work

I am very happy with the 2 burner stove as I'm way beyond the coleman thing for camping I love to cook and this stove flat out gets it done its great for canning too. It could use some protection from the wind but does have a nice shield around sides and the hose from propane tank is a bit short but I can live with that. My main gripe is with the griddles that they say are designed for the stove are terrible as thin as they are and the reviews for them must be fake because the burners cause a round hot spot then warp the griddle and burn food. I had to buy a 12x12x1/4" steel plate to put under it to dispurse the heat evenly now it is a breakfast cooking machine. At 89.99 the stove was a steal.


Pros: Can boil water fast!

Cons: heavy

When we go car camping and meet other family (brother/sister in law, etc), everyone wants to use our stove. Fires up and heats up FAST.  We have the professional griddle and the grill box for it, which work well.  Need to order another grease trap though, as I've misplaced mine.


Pros: Easy to move

Cons: non

Got this on sale at Cabelas on sale. It is a good heavy duty burner that looks like it will hold up. I like the windbreak it has. optional shelfs for the sides are available as an option.


Pros: High BTU output

Cons: Wind

So I bought this cooker for a chili cookoff and over all I was very happy. This thing will boil water fast and worked great for the chili. The only thing I didn't like was when it was on the warm setting the smallest gust of wind would knock the fire out so I had to re light a couple of times. Over all this will come in handy for a lot of things and I would recommend this to everyone.


Pros: too many to list

Cons: wish I bought the 3 burner

This is not the exact model I bought because mine came with 2 folding side shelfs. I have been through several colmans but these are the best made.Sturdy parts,many accessaries availible,and everyone at the camp ground wants to have me cook their food or use my grill.Favorite accessaries are the cast iron full size griddle, grill with lid, and the dutch oven plate and hood.


Pros: Fair price, good power, comfortabe controls, easy to use

Cons: weak regulator, a little too short

Pick one of these up the other day, and I'm happy with the overall purchase, though. I mostly use it as a rocket engine to light my charcoal after struggling to do so in the rain a few times. The price was right, and I figured that two chimneys at once would be pretty nice.


It's a great unit, it's stout, comes with a deflector and ready to run out-of box, but running both burners on high is troublesome, as the regulator will struggle to keep up, and often starve out one of the burners. On low-medium temps, it has no trouble at allt, bu trying to light two chimneys of charcoal at once with both burners can be a balancing act. Otherwse, it feels just a little too short for my personal taste, but overall is a great stove.


This is a great buy overall, and worth consideration by anoyne seeking a stove of this make, and if you feel like tinkering, it can only be improved.

Camp Chef Explorer Series EX-60LW 2-Burner Modular Cooking System, Black

The Camp Chef Explorer Series EX-60LW 2 Burner cooker is more than just a camp stove, this modular outdoor cooking system allows you to create easy gourmet meals at home, camp or at the game. Includes a 3-sided windscreen ,Clover Leaf cooking surface and appliance-style temperature controls enable easy adjustment of output, making cooking fast and easy. 2x30,000 BTU

Batteries Included0
BindingLawn & Patio
BrandCamp Chef
Feature16.25 Inches by 34 Inches by 9.5 Inches
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height8 inches
Length34 inches
Weight50 pounds
Width15 inches
LabelCamp Chef
List Price$129.99
ManufacturerCamp Chef
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherCamp Chef
StudioCamp Chef
TitleCamp Chef Explorer Series EX-60LW 2-Burner Modular Cooking System, Black
Release Date2005-05-06
Warranty<b>Camp Chef Camp Stoves</b> are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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