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Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

60% Positive Reviews
Rated #14 in Cabinet Style


Pros: None, couldn't even get through the seasoning step!!

Cons: could store your jerky outside in the cold without the dogs eating it, frees up a REAL smoker to make more jerky!

Seems to be common with these machines, bought it at Cabelas on Boxing day (Dec.26) on sale for $200, was going to smoke some lake trout yesterday and it wouldn't run for more than 12 mins before "E2" showed on the display during the seasoning step., Unplugged and let sit for an hour as the ever-so-helpful customer service woman recommended REPEATEDLY!!  Again, crapped out after 10 mins, wasn't using an extension cord, it heated up the chip drawer so I couldn't pull it out with bare hands but thats about it.


THANKFULLY Cabela's saved the day and let us return it for a full refund, and surprisingly enough they no longer carry that machine!!  I learned my lesson for impulse buying something without researching it first, had I read these reviews I likely would have told anyone lurking around the display to keep walking...Picking up a Masterbuilt at Costco today...


Pros: Temp and time set is easy. Convenient way to load wood. Plenty of room

Cons: Unreliable. Cheap construction.

I bought my Cajun injector Electric Smoker almost 2 years ago around thanksgiving. Since that time the first unit went out at 8 months of use. I returned it for a replacement and that unit didn't even last as long as the first. My warranty was void after 1 year but I called the company and they offerred a replacement "box" with a new heating element for $50. I switched the electronic control, racks and a few other minor items and was well on my way to smoking when less than 10 uses later the element went out on me again. 3 units in under 2 years, not very impressive to say the least. I am now looking at my options for something more durable and reliable.


Pros: temp control, easy to use

Cons: meat probe accuracy, smoke control

compared to my old oil tank smoker, the ease of use and temp control far outweigh the real wood smoke!!  never used any other elect. smoker to compare it to, but i love it and dont see myself going back to real wood or charcol smokers


Pros: set and forget with remote

Cons: Door latchs rust

I am really pleased with this smoker so far.  I purchased it in Aug (2013) and so far everything works great.  Smoked my first turkey for thanksgiving and it was great. Used AMAZN pellet smoke tray and it gave the turkey a wonderful smoke flavor. 


My only concern is all the posts where this smoker has crapped out after a year or so. Has anyone owned this smoker for more than a year and it is still working?  Would love to hear if someone has.


Pros: looks good, I like the digetal read out and prob

Cons: the door leaked at the bottom, Heating element went out on Thanksgiving

I would not recomend this unit. It is made in China. The replcament cabenit cost 55.00 and shipping is 25.00. and you  do the work. they dont just sell the heating element by its self. I will invest into a better unit. I'm sorry i ever bought it.


Pros: Temp and time set is easy to use aswell as the feeder

Cons: Nothing!

Husband bought me this smoker after wanting one for my birthday. We went to Cabelas ( which is usually higher than some places) and got to do a hands-ons see it with this one and others. After checking them all out, I decided on this one.  I love the fact that it has a rack for ribs and sausage as well as jerky.  I LOVE my little smoker. Just the right size for our family and for what I want to do.


The Smoking Meat Forums gives me alot of tips and recipes to use also.


Pros: Consistent Termp. large cooking area. easy control panel.

Cons: Should come with smoking pellets

I just smoked my first brisket with my stainless steel Cajun Injector Smoker and it was amazing! I am new to smoking meats and this smoker made the whole experience very easy. After choosing the type of meat I wanted to smoke, I went to their website to get some good tips on how to smoke my brisket. I also got some graet information on other smoking techniques.Cajun Injector also makes marinades that you inject into your meats. I used one of their recipes and my brisket turned out great! Thanks!


Pros: very easy to use, SEMI able to set and forget

Cons: caught on fire

So I bought this smoker as a gift for my dads B-day, we used it multiple (like 30-40) times. Never had any issues from it. One night i set it to smoke at 220 for 13 hours. normal for a large pork shoulder. At about 9 hours, it quit heating. I looked at it for a little bit to see if the temp would go back up, never did, however the heating light was still on. After about 20 min of the temp dropping, I decided i would open it and see it the display was just wrong. It wasn't. I was able to pull the racks out by hand along with the chip tray. Today I decided I would see if i could figure out what happened. I cut the rivets of on the back of the case, and could plainly see scorch marks. I will see if I can add some of those pics. I also emailed them to Bruce foods, and called about the issue. They didn't even ask any questions. Immediately sent me to legal... slight issue. Pulled the cover found the roasted wire, replaced and cleaned up the ends works great now. 


Pros: Ease of use

Cons: Bad reviews

I have only used mine once, worked great. HOWEVER, immediately after my wife bought ours from QVC, I began reading reviews of it- and saw many with failed heating elements and no source for replacements. I hear it is built by same company that builds the Masterbuilt 30", and I found a listing for their element, (Looks identical) at 'appliancefactoryparts.com.' Also, one review I read said the owner removed the back of his and found that the element was ok, but that one of the connectors had corroded and disconnected. He replaced the connectors and it worked fine. If mine dies, that will be my first action. 


Pros: The box is just right for my needs, held temp. very well digtial temp, time and meat ptobe were great

Cons: Feels a little cheap

I know folks have had problems with this smoker.  I know that it is working well for me.  I have used it twice and have been happy with the results. Pulled pork and BB ribs.

I hope this sheds some light on this product


Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

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The first few time I used my Cajun Injector the only problem I had was the heat control would off up to 40 degrees, usually higher than the setting. Yesterday I was smoking a butt for work and the heating element crapped out. The unit was set for 225 degrees and the temp 3 hours in had dropped from 240 to 78.



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