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Cabelas Pro 100 Electric Smoker - The Last Smoker You Will Ever Need


Pros: Design, construction, temperature always consistent, digital controls

Cons: Price, No protective cover offered, no sausage rods, chip pan needs a flare up cover.

This smoker does its job with no problems at all, even during the dead of winter in the middle of a snow storm.  It is well insulated and, therefore, holds its temperature wonderfully. Being from the "windy city," I was wary of a propane smoker and the danger of the flame blowing out and building up propane fumes, so I wanted to go electric. The Pro 100 model is roomy enough inside to hang 50 lbs of kielbasa, and smokes it like a professional smoke house.  I had to make my own sausage hanger rods, because they didn't come with the smoker.  I'd like to think, for the price, they could throw a set in, like a lot of other smokers.  It's a minor point.  The chip pan is a 32 oz stainless steel dog water bowl, which holds plenty of chips, but I bought a used 8 in Revere ware lid online and drilled holes in it to prevent wood flareups with dry chips and get that "thin, blue smoke."  With those additions, I am a smokin' god around my neighborhood.  The kielbasa, in particular, is in high demand. 


Addendum:  I substituted a 10 1/2 inch cast iron skillet and a Lodge cast iron lid, with quarter inch holes drilled in the lid, gives me a more even heat and no flare ups. The stainless steel dog dish that comes with this smoker conducts heat very quickly, with a tendency to burn the chips very quickly.  This cast iron set up is better for thin blue smoke, and a smoother smoke flavor.  I am still very happy with this smoker, and just made my best batch of kielbasa ever, and I've been making kielbasa over 20 years.


Pros: Incredible results

Cons: Cost

Had an MEC for 5 months and it died.  Could handle the volume of sausage I was making.  Lasted for 500 lbs of sausage and maybe 8 other times smoking brisket, shoulders, chicken etc...  The MEC couldn't generate smoke at a low temp so I bought a smoke daddy to allow for cold smoking or smoke while sausage was curing at 100 degrees over night.  The smoke daddy is worthless, too much smoke and the MEC had all sorts of issues with error associated with the lower temps outside.  EAAF errors all the time.  HGad to use a hair dryer to warm up unit to have MEC start at all.  Well it died and I upgraded to this smoker!!  Awesome heat control, and will generate smoke at 40 - 50 degrees, dual wattage really helps with this.  The heat control produces quality results and sausages all are perfect, rather than wrikled with the MEC due to bad heat control.    I have run 150 lbs of summer through this thing and the smoke flavor is spot on and the seasoning for the sausage also comes out better due to the heat control of this unit.  The manufacturer is PS Seasoning in Iron Ridge WI, the same folks that sell Cabelas their seasoning mixes, look at lable it's right on there.  Truely a quality device I think will last for years.  The unit iself weighs in at 150 pounds, made in America, gotta love this thing!!    I have been using the PS Seasoning hardwood mix sawdust and teh results are the same if not better than commercial or local butcher sausage products.  If you buy packages from PS Seasoning they have directions step by step for this smoker as well.  So it's really a solid solution that will provide great results without a large learning curve.Good luck, and good smoking. :) 

Cabelas Pro 100 Electric Smoker - The Last Smoker You Will Ever Need

From Cabelas Site: "The Pro series is the first line of Cabela's smokers approved for use by professionals. If they're good enough for the professionals, just think how good they'll be preparing your favorite smoked foods. Both models are NSF-approved for commercial processing facilities. They have an all-stainless steel interior, 1,200° insulation and a dual-zone heating element for roasting or smoking. Smoke meats using sawdust, pellets or chips for mouth-watering results that could be mistaken for a professional meat shop. These 1,250-watt electric smokers run on a 120-volt household current with a heating output that ranges from 60°-250°. Easy-to-read digital LED readout makes for precise cooking. Versatile 3" top and door dampers allow for extra smoking control. Heavy-duty, locking casters come standard on Smokehouse Pro models. Insulation gasket on door seals in heat. One-year limited warranty."

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I replaced the dog dish stainless steel bowl with a 10 1/2 inch cast iron skillet and Lodge lid, with 1/4 inch holes drilled in the top.  This causes the chips to "distill" without oxygen, instead of burn. Carbon (charcoal) is left in the pan, not ash. You get a nice, smooth smoked flavor instead a harsher burnt flavor.  The iron, instead of stainless steel, gives you a more even, consistent heat.  I would also like to add a chimney cap, so the rain doesn't get into the smoker.  Haven't found one at the hardware store yet. 



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