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Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Pitmaster Deluxe Charcoal/Wood Smoker and Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews


Good smoker out of box, great smoker after mods.


Pros: Large cooking surface, holds temp well

Cons: Medium-Thin metal, charcoal grate too low, wheels fall off

The wife and daughter bought me this smoker as a gift for father's day.   My model has the full split top with swinging extra rack as opposed to the model shown in the image.   Out of the box it had a couple easily fixed problems. Tires fall off when moving occasionally Charcoal grate is too low, needs lifting to prevent ash choking being the split top model, smoke leaked out the door when closed due to rotisserie holes    after fixing the above issues, I do not have a complaint about this smoker.  If you follow thru with all the mods in the "Horizontal Offset Smoker Mods" post on SMF you will have a great home smoker.    

A nice starter smoker!


Pros: Well built, fairly good quality.

Cons: Thin metal, no drip pan, charcoal grill in the hot bax needs to be up higher.

I bought this smoker because there is maybe 1 or 2 good bbq joints in Boise, ID. My friends wanted to see if i could do any better, which i knew i could. It needs a few modifications to make it a home runnner of a smoker. I think it is a great starter smoker and i would recommend to friends that are just starting out and have the room. Happy Qing and Aloha! 

Craigslist Buy


Pros: The wife loves it

Cons: Leaks like a sieve

I bought this unit off of Craigslist for 25.00 It was brand new still in the box .The lady's husband bought it from H.D. they got a divorce and i got the wife a brand new BBQ for mothers day . I put it together and  seasoned it and found it has a 1/4 inch gap all the way around the lid . I searched Youtube and found a couple of vid's on how to fix it . But the wife just wanted to grill on it so no Mod's I did build a small charcoal basket that fit in the smoke chamber .I smoked up some planter trout . but as i said it leaks .

Negative Reviews


Gets the job done, but at a cost.


Pros: Will get the job done

Cons: Be ready to have a lot of fuel handy

I had to raise the level of the grate of the firebox. It is too low stock. The smoking chamber itself splits in half (top/bottom) when you open it. The problem is, there is a 1/4" gap all the way around where the top is supposed to meet the bottom. This makes the stack virtually completely useless. The metal is thin, and after 2 years of smoking (1 to 2x a month) it has been flaking off from the inside every time. I learned a lot on it, but if I had the chance to do it again, I'd learn on something else. There can't be too much worse quality out there for the $180 price.

OK For a Starter


Pros: Lots of room, Cheap, Great first time smoker

Cons: Thin Metal, Cheap, Needed a few Mods for even heat distribution

My wife and kids got this for me for Father's Day a few years back. I used it a lot, and had several gatherings at my house with it, but the fire box burned out in a few short years. I think it was a great learner, but I would rather spend $500 or more on one that will last longer than I will want to smoke. It also had no heat baffles in the bottom, since it was not reverse flow, to even out the heat source for even heat throughout the smoker.

One of the worst


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Cheap. thin metal, poor fitting parts.

I bought this because I had owned a Brinkman Offset before and thought the price was very good. I did not see the unit, only a picture. I was shocked when I got it home and opened the box. After assembly I started curing the smoker to be ready for some ribs. More smoke comes out around the joints then through the stack.   The grate in the firebox is nothing but wire. It sagged to fit box contour on first use.   It comes with some thin sheet metal to be used in the main chamber for raising and lowering the charcoal fire. It might last for more than one use but I doubt it.   I cost less than half what I paid for my old Brinkman and weighs less than half as...
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More Reviews


Not bad if you know you are modding it from the get-go...


Pros: Cheap way to get into smoking

Cons: All the mods won't overcome the thin metal it is built with

I got this because smoking on my Weber kettle gets a little crowded.    In stock form, this thing would probably be pretty useless.  I was able to mod it with very little extra money because I sell some of the items I modded it with and got them for a good price (free).  Once I sealed screw points and errant seams and put fiberglass tape on the edges of the cook lid and firebox, it held smoke pretty well.  Also added were a sheet metal baffle near the firebox exit to even temps, stack extension down to the grate and an elevated basket for the fire to get good airflow.  After all that, it is good for cooking multiple racks of ribs and other stuff that is too...
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smoke n pit antique


Pros: well built

Cons: leaks alotheat control

My smoker is well  built,(heavier metal) but is about 25 years old,when they built things better. Ash grates are to low.When they burned out used a wider grate to make it set higher.  Had to add a heat baffle in cooking chamber, to much heat differance from one end to the other.Lowerd the exhaust pipe down to grill level.  I'm going to add fire brick to cooking chamber to help with heat distribution. Really hard to hold a constant temp..   Thinking about switching it over to make more even heat.  After all the mods. its a pretty good smoker.

Gets the job done


Pros: Relatively inexpensive, works OK, decent sized

Cons: Got to babysit, needs modifications

I inherited my Smoke N Pit from a friend who was moving out of state.  It is probably close to 20 years old now.  It is substantially thicker and more solid feeling than the Brinkmann Pits I've seen recently. It also has a regular hinged lid, not the clam shell design I've seen on the newer ones.  While right out of the box, it will work and make some tasty Bar-B-Q, to fully enjoy it, it takes quite a few fairly cheap modifications.    *note:  My ratings apply to an older model Pitmaster before I made any modifications.

Pitmaster Deluxe ECB


Pros: Cheap as Dirt, Works

Cons: Could be thicker, sometimes hard to control temps

Decent offset smoker for the cost. I bought mine used, which I would recommend if it's an option. Saves $$. With some of the horizontal offset mods on this site, the functionality of this smoker can be greatly improved. Overall, I'm happy with it.

Smoke n Pit


Pros: reliable

Cons: heavy, burns hot

Mine is actually the old all steel grill, the thing is built like a tank. burns hot

OK but a bit small


Pros: built well for materal used

Cons: to small

Bought this when they first came out a number of years ago,and it still is in good shape for the amount of use it gets. Cooking chamber is a bit small if your smoking for a party.They say it holds 100 lb of meat but not sure how they came up with that.Youll need to install a grate in the fire box a bit higher and use small pieces of wood but works better with charcoal and wood chips.Needs a baffle between fire box and cooking chamber or youll burn anything close to fire box. Extend the vent inside about six inches. Replace wood slats out side of the cooker with expanded steel

OK for the Money


Pros: Cheaps,

Cons: not very airtight, Thin metal, Have to babysit

This was a nice 1st smoker,even with mods it was'nt what I expected and wanted in a smoker, You have to assemble the unit, Air gaps everywhere, thin metal, cheap wheels. I did have many good smokes from the unit but worked hard maintaining the temp , I still have it, fire box burned out over time.     This is for the Cheaper one, Not the deluxe model. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Horizontal Offset Smokers › Direct Flow › Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Pitmaster Deluxe Charcoal/Wood Smoker and Grill › Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Pitmaster Deluxe Charcoal/Wood Smoker and Grill Reviews