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Brinkmann 810-7080-4 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill, Red Reviews

Positive Reviews

dave from ohio

Great smoker for part-time smoking


Pros: Plug it in and not needing to constantly watch.

Cons: No thermometer

Great little beginner weekend smoker. I have done whole chicken, wings, pork butt, and baby back ribs (using the 2-2-1 method) and they turned out great if you like fall off the bone ribs. I might cut them back to 2-1-1 for a little more bite. I want to try brisket and shrimp next. 

Negative Reviews


Wish I'd have looked a little longer...


Pros: Price, size, loved the charcoal smoker

Cons: Heat element not reliableB

Bought the electric version to replace my charcoal smokers that were lost in tornado.  Had a friend who put out some great ribs, turkeys, etc on his in a lot less time.  So far, have had three disappointing turkeys off of this thing!  Heats 13-14 lb. bird (stuffed or unstuffed) to no more than 150 degrees after 12 hours before it gets put in the oven to finish cooking!  Am looking for a different style or going back to charcoal!  Any suggestions?  50- 60 degrees outside with full water pan.

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Great beginner smoker


Pros: Easy to use, easy to set up

Cons: No heat control

If you are looking for a smoker to start to learn how to do this than this is the smoker for you. I have made many great things in my Brinkmann smoker but once you learn more about smoking meat is when you will will want a different smoker. Start out with this smoker and start to get used to creating your style.

Great beginner smoker


Pros: Set it and forget it

Cons: No temp regulator

I bought this last year at Home Depot after trying my hand at charcoal smokers the last five years. This electric model really took the guessing out of maintaining a temperature. I've cooked ribs and a brisket on it to perfection. Actually, this was the first time my brisket actually cooked right and tasted good! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get in the smoke arena. I think it's time to move on to a bigger model. It will also be an electric!
I Bleed Blue

Still Testing


Pros: Price, size for small/medium apt deck

Cons: No temp control included

This is my 1st ever smoker, and after testing the highest this can go whilst seasoning the device (350degrees on a 70+ degree day in st louis). I attached a "SE Electronic Stepless Fan Speed Controller" from Amazon (18.50+shipping) with a dial for L, M, H. After 4 30 minute tests, I was able to find a setting (making it now with a sharpie)  to get 215-240 degrees, w/o the water bowl. My next test may be with the filled water bowl to ensure the temp settings. I would like to attach a heat sink to the back of the contoller cause the back gets hot. I'd like to build a rheostat, but my electronics building skills are no good and a PID costs too much. We shall see what happens on my...
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eddie jackson

Best first smoker


Pros: Ease of use, easy to clean, no fuss no muss.

Cons: Could come with more lava rocks, had to add some.

For an entry level smoker this is a great unit, ease of use and easy to clean, for the novice smoker this is the way to get hooked on smoking. I am a charcoal and wood smoker, but this is the best plug it and forget smoker.

Brinkmann 810-7080-4 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill, Red


Pros: Ease of use, easy to clean

Cons: heat control

I have had mine for about 4 years now. The only part I have had to replace is the heating element for $32, not bad.   I solved the issue of heat control by installing a electric router speed control I got at Harbor Freight. I can easily handle the current and I can trun the heat down to 175 and still get the wood to smolder.   I can put in chunks the size of apples and last for hours.   I like it so much I am buying another for large projects.

Great for a start


Pros: set and forget, easy, turns out nice product.

Cons: to small a grill surface, cold night temps increase cook time, chip replacement.

It has been a great little smoker, I have used it a lot sense we got it. My brother promised us a smoker as a wedding present, when we built a deck. long story short this is what he gave us.   I have done ribs, butts, brisket, lots of hams, chicken, and turkeys. also quite a few links of sausage. All have turned out amazing, last thanksgiving I did all the hams for our church Thanksgiving meal.   can't go wrong with it.

Got mine off of Craigslist


Pros: Don't have to worry about lighting charcoal, very easy to begin smoking

Cons: Was no temp gauge, harder to regulate temp

I got my smoker off of craigslist one Sunday morning, from a guy down the street wanting $20 for it.  I have been wanting to smoke meat for a while, but my wife was not to keen on me spending a lot of money on something I have very little experience with.  Since I got the smoker, I have smoked two things.  A whole chicken, which turned out great and was done in a little over 2 hours, and salmon, which I left on for about 5 minutes to long, but was still very good.  I cannot say enough about the ease of using this smoker.  You plug it in and go.  I added a temp gauge at the top lid.  The only bad thing about it is regulating the heat.  There is no...
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Needs a little Help


Pros: Easy to Use

Cons: Too hot, and no control over temperature

This is a great smoker. I have done brisket, pork butts, duck, and chicken.  All of these turned out great but I find the heating element to be a major drawback in the overall ease of use.  It is nearly impossible for someone to control the heat and keep it below 300.  It can be done, but it takes a lot of attention. Overall I would recommend the Smoker.

I love it!!!!


Pros: Small enough to use anywhere, Great for beginners, Holds temp good

Cons: None so far

After spending a ton of time going through this forum and reading for months at a time I finally decided to get into the smoking world. After much consideration and research I decided to go with the Electric Brinkmann for its smaller size which is great since I live at an apartment complex. Also I liked it since it was electric and i didnt have to deal with keeping coals hot and my temp up. After I purchased it I seasoned it just like it says to and for my 1st smoke I did a garlic marinated tenderloin that I had in the fridge. I wrapped it in bacon and threw it in. I also did some italian sausage the same day. The tenderloin turned out great. Since then I've smoked spare ribs, butt,...
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Fantastic little smoker if given a little TLC


Pros: No fire to tend. Set it and forget it... for the most part. Simple mods make it run like a champ.

Cons: No variable temperature control. It's either on or off. Needs some mods, but they're pretty easy and cheap to do.

I got mine by spending some "attaboy" points my job gives out as an incentive. I already own a Charbroil American Gourmet w/SFB (the SnP's little brother), and while I like it, I can't seem to hit those sweet spots. I'd been reading about all the pros and cons with the electric ECB, and since I was getting it for free, I figured what the heck?   Assembly was a no brainer. Just assemble the handles, rack brackets, and door, and you're basically done.   I seasoned per the instructions by wiping the entire inside of the cooking chamber down with veggie oil and let 'er rip for about 3 hours to cook off residual paint fumes. Afterwards, I broke it in with some chicken thighs. It took...
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