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Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker

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Pros: Easily modified :)

Cons: too expensive for something that requires a $170 PID and an extra burner

I started with a OBS which I used for 5 years smoking salmon trout and ribs...then while cleaning the brick feeder I shorted it out...Bradley was supporting me 100% on exactly how to fix it for a few bucks...but my wife put the smoker on the lawn with a free sign yes im serious....it was gone in 10 minute she said lol -  


Soo thinking digital is better I purchased the 6 rack DBS - I smoked a few racks of ribs and started to notice that 1) The sensor was tripping off way early and 2) If this unit was plugged into a circuit that was feeding it anything less than 120v it would take forever to reach temp (empty) and when full I would have to add another hour of cooking time to compensate. I long extension cord was enough to cause this issue too.  If the unit was plugged into a dedicated outlet even with one burner it would temp up much better but we are still talking 45 min to an hour to temp up and if it was loaded with ribs --- zzzzzz. So the hands off cooking feature of load it and forget it...I cant say the factory equipment allows for this.  


So I called Bradley and they replaced it... The next unit was fairly accurate from a sensor perspective but also lacked enough heat to get to temp fast enough. I smoked on that for a year and then today decided that I would add the second element. That cost me $24 for an element and $15 for wire. I opted for a parallel wiring approach. The mod went off without a hitch and I can now reach 225F in 16 minutes with the vents wide open. If I want a stable 225 I leave it on 230 and it manages between 223 and 227. I also ordered the dual probe PID - I ordered this for two reasons 1) I wanted more accurate control without risking the factory controller which was designed for only 500 watts - and 2) I liked the concept of controlling my shut off my both oven temp and internal food temp or having other ptions and stages to cook at. The Bradley simply doesnt offer that.   


The DBS is suggested in n many forums to work just fine with a dual element and its own sensory and controller. My initial testing seems to confirm that too. No blown fuses..no fires...just fast heat and relatively accurate control. It would be nice if this worked to temp in anything but mid summer weather without modification but adding a second element was fun in a "tool time w/ Tim" kind of way. (whuh whuh whuh)  :)


Tomorrow im going to do Jerky, chicken and ribs  :)  


Pros: Large capacty, easy TBS

Cons: Not enough power to cook, prone to failure

I have had the Bradly 6 rack digital smoker for two and a half years now.  I am thoroughly disappointed by the performance.  


Like others I have had the digital controller problems.  Mine will lock up on me multiple times.  They only offer a 1 year warranty after which you are on your own.  I'm basically rolling the dice every time I smoke.  When the controller locks up without warning, I have to power cycle it for 20 minutes praying every time it will come to life.


The bisquettes do provide a nice smoke but man are they expensive.  It costs about the same per hour to run pellet, charcoal, or propane, and that's just the smoke generator, you still have to pay the power bill.  Bradley markets that by extinguishing the bisquettes before they completely burn you get better smoke.  I don't know if I buy into that, I think that's just to sell more of the darn hockey pucks.


The heating element isn't even close to powerful enough.  I'm sure if you did all your smoking in the middle of the summer it would be fine, but even in mild fall or winter weather, the heating element runs 100% and can't get the unit much above 200F.  To have a shot at cooking, I had to mod the unit to add a second heating element.   


Unlike most electric cookers, the heating element is not centered and below the water pan.  It is clear in the back of the unit and above the water.  Food in the back of the unit will burn in sacrifice to the food on the front of the unit.  With the under-powered element, don't expect to have a shot at cooking anything in the top two shelves.  


This is the only outdoor cooking purchase I've ever regretted.  I paid good money and didn't end up with anything usable.  There will not be any other Bradley equipment welcome on the deck.


Pros: pretty...use of use

Cons: completely un-dependable. Great Idea - crappy follow thru

It is rare for me to write something like this. In fact - I have never given a product a really BAD review on any site before. My apologies in advance - and I hope that any reader does not feel I am being un- fair.


This is not my first smoker, but it was the first ( and last - I can assure you ) electronically controlled electric smoker.


Bradley Model # BTDS108P  -This is the top of the line for Bradley. It is the 6 rack with full electronic control of the smoke time, oven temperature, and cook time.


In fairness - when it worked, the results were excellent.I just wish it had worked more consistently.


In the almost 2 years I owned this unit, it quit working on 6 different - critical occasions.  I  chose the word "critical" because that is when the wife has a large party planned!biggrin.gif So, for the unit to fail this many times, and at by chance the worst times - well....you might say I was offended, or just flatly P.O.'ed.......


I had replaced the heating element, the control wire, the control wire connector in the back of the oven, and had taken the electronics control box apart on the three other occasions for various cleaning, tightening, and cursings...mad.gif


It is not that the folks at Bradley were difficult - they were fast to ship parts and friendly enough.( until the last time I had to call - the girl on the phone was snippy...but I had already "had it" with the product...so I was a litlle short as well). And, they did replace a part or two under warranty, no problem there. But - at some point - I just wanted the ththing to WORK.....


Let me be clear - from DAY ONE, after cooking and cool down, the elenctromic unit was brought indoors, and stored in a cool dry closet. The actual oven portion had a factory cover on it when not in use. In short, it was taken care of very well. So, I cannot find any reasonable excuse for the product not performing, except that this product is a classic example of a great idea - that gets lost in very poor engineering and quality control.


We all know that quality has a price, but more importantly, quality has value. And, at the 550 price tag for a rather small cooker, I did not expect it to be built to the same standards as a commercial unit. But I also did not expect  to have the multitude of issues with it that did occur.


dditionally, every dealer in my area that  once had sold the Bradley line  - now no longer carries it or the wood "bisquettes" which are an exclusive of Bradley. No other manufacturers - so it is a sole source product...which I had to order everytime I ran out. Kind of a pain.....


And... the reason I have written about this product in the past tense is, it failed me one last time last week. Then it had the audacity to jump off of my deck, attempt to fly - and plunge approximately 35 feet away, and 50 feet down, bashing itself to death on the rocks below.icon_lol.gif.

icon_mrgreen.gif Amazing how good it felt to claen and jerk, then thrust that thing........


Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker

Bradley 6 Rack Digital Smoker will hot smoke, cold smoke and roast to perfection. Full digital control panel allows you to set the amount of smoke, cooking temperature and cooking time. Unique smoke without fire system operates for up to 8 hours without refueling. New Larger Size

BindingLawn & Patio
Feature9 different flavors of hardwoods
Height42 inches
Length18 inches
Weight69 pounds
Width20 inches
LabelBradley Smoker
List Price$599.00
ManufacturerBradley Smoker
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherBradley Smoker
StudioBradley Smoker
TitleBradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker
Release Date2006-05-01
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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