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Bradley Digital 4- Rack Smoker Reviews

Positive Reviews


Very happy after years and years of use


Pros: Timed smoke, set and forget.

Cons: Can't think of any

I've owned the Bradley Digital 4-rack smoker for many years now and have been very happy.  I used to live in Minnesota and it worked just fine in the winter.  You just have to tune the vent on the top so it's not letting the hot air out of the smoker too fast.  By tune it I mean close it down to a point where the smoke doesn't flow back into the control box because that will gum it up and the wood-puck feeder won't work anymore.  I never smoke at high temps, so can't speak to trying to hold temps > 200F.  But this smoker has made countless racks of ribs, thanksgiving turkeys, chickens, grouse, briskets, etc. etc. and I couldn't be happier.....I just need to...
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Negative Reviews


Easy cleanup,light enough to move around and store.good control smoke.


Pros: Good for small cooking&smoking.adjustable self feed biskets,good adjustable smoke vent,Bisket burrner nice gets nice and hot.

Cons: have to perheat too long,electronic temp not that great.

I do like this smoker and have done ribs,fish and corn beef but'. You need to preheat in advance to get up to cooking temp befor turning on smoker. I found that if I set the oven temp and then the burrner with out any biskets on it the temp will come up a bit quicker. Haven't got the temp over 200F.and perfer using an external temp. probe. I like to get things warm and the turn down the temp for the rest of my smoke. Yes a larger bowel is better so you dont' have to open and close the door too many times and lose heat. The biskets can be a little pricey and one drops evey 20 minutes.I have a gas grill with a smoker and ceramic elements that is good but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to...
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Pros: Easy to use

Cons: Had multiple issues with mine. Heating element, thermostat. Takes a long time to get up to temp.

I usually pull meat out and finish with it with my Big Green Egg.
Unhappy Custome

Product broke during the third use


Pros: I didn't need that $350 anyways

Cons: Horrible Customer Service, poorly made product

I bought a Bradley Original smoker and it broke after during the third use. The hopper kept feeding discs into the smoker. The problem is a known issue on the manufacturer website and they refused to return or refund my item. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Stay away from Bradley Smokers.

More Reviews


Great 1st time smoker


Pros: Electric, so dont have to worry about fire or charcoal staying lit. Automatic wood feeder. Cleans very easy

Cons: Hard to reach over 200 temp in cold weather.

I purchased this from Cabela's when they had a law enforcment discount. it was my first smoker, so I wanted something that was easy to use while learning to smoke. Was pretty easy, set the temp, load however many wood briquettes you want, and start. I've had good success after some trial and error. Mostly all I have done is deer roast and some fresh venison and have my friends give me pretty good reviews. Cleanup is very easy also, remove the trays, and the catch pan on the bottom, throw in the dish washer and thats it. My only issue that I can think of is when temperature outside falls below 50 (which is rare in South Louisiana) , its hard to get temps to stabilize over 200.

Consistent quality of product


Pros: Easy to set up and use. No more constant feeding wood to my smoker

Cons: A portable stand would be nice.

I have owned and used two propane tank 250 & 500 gal. smokers, and a hand built stone smoker.  And, I have cooked more brisket, chicken and sausage than I can count.  However, my Bradley smoker produces as good as if not a better product than any of the traditional smokers I have owned and used.  My briskets are smoked in less time, (I use to smoke briskets for at least 16-18 hours) use less wood, and don't require my constant attention.  They have a dark, smokey, and salty bark that permeates deep into the meat. Additionally, I can mix up the wood to add extra flavor and character to the meat.  

It does the job, but ....


Pros: Easy clean up

Cons: Cheaply made

Oops I goofed. This review is for the Original Bradley   Ok, I'm sitting here while I'm acutally smoking a butt so I'll pass on my thoughts & experiences. Having an electric smoker certainly has its advantages. I've had this Brad for almsot 2 1/2 years. My 1st year had me replacing my heating element & having the bottom plastic replaced. They just end up cracking & when water sloshes around when changing out, it gets in those cracks & you're gonna end up having a problem, which I did. I use a bigger water pan which helps for the duration of a smoke. As with other smokers, cold weather is not a friend, so getting to your desired temp can be a...
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Bradley Digital - Nice Solid Unit


Pros: Solid built, great smoke

Cons: Briquettes expensive, Burn unit is unreliable,

Overall I love this unit. The setup was simple and the instructions were well written. The only problem I had upon initial setup was the heat element for the wood would not heat up. Calling Bradley revealed that this is a common issue and they have remove the cover from the digital unit and reseat the electrical connections. This was not comfort inspiring when I had to do this. I have since had to do it a couple of more times when starting the smoker. I think Bradley would be well served to do a little better QC on these units or use tighter connectors.   The digital temp gauge on the unit is usually 10-20 degrees off but the this seems to be normal for most units with included...
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so far / so good


Pros: auto feed

My only concern is that the bottom gasket is coming off already even though I have kept it covered when not in use.   I have only used it 3 times since I just purchased it. It has been great. I now have smokin fever. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Electric Smokers › Auto-Feed › Bradley Digital 4- Rack Smoker › Bradley Digital 4- Rack Smoker Reviews