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Not worth the money or aggravation

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Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron"

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Pros: When it works it works well

Cons: Auger jams....more auger jams...Auger fires, ignighter failures

Maybe I got a lemon, but this grill has been nothing but trouble science I bought it. I have had too many auger jams/fires to count.  Tim walked me through reprogramming my controller which helped some.  I sent my controller back to him for a re-flash which appears to not have improved anything.  I followed all the tips about stepping down the temps during shut down.  Today a replace my igniter...again.


This grill has let me down on so many occasions I lost count.  I simply cannot count on this smoker to work!


Like I said, maybe I got a lemon, but for the price of this grill I should not have near the problems! I would never purchase another Blaz'n grill.


Update 5/6/2017.  Experienced another failure today.  The controller failed.  I actually want this smoker to work because when it works it works great.


Thanks for the heads up. I used to think I wanted a pellet smoker, until I got the chance to use my brother in laws. I just don't like the flavor you get with the pellets. Maybe it is the chemical used to bind the sawdust into pellet form. I'm sticking to wood for now.
I have had my gridiron for almost 3 years and love it! I kid you not; I probably have closet to 2K pounds of pellets through it. Never had a auger jam or a fire. Had a small issue with the computer. Told Tim and he sent me a new one. After three years just had a small issue with the igniter. Putting a new one in when I get it in the mail. Customer service has been top notch! I'm trying to get my wife to let me buy a second one!
Probably a fake review. Account was created back in 2015, no other posts or replies on forums until now. Guy just comes out of wood work. Enough said.
Also, no one should be using pellets with a chemical binding agent. But you do lose smoke flavor on pellet pooper vs. electric or charcoal/wood set up. Of course you can add a smoke generator like AMNPS to increase flavor smoke profile.
Owned my GI since December 2016, and it works like a champ.
FBI Van Outside It is not a fake review.  I have owned this grill since 2014 and it has had major issues ever since.  Just today I fired it up, it worked for a while and the controller just quit.  My frustration is that Tim has seemed indifferent to my problems.  Last year when I sent my controller back to be re-flashed I wrote Tim a very nice letter expressing my concerns and out lining my issues.  He never called me or even acknowledged the letter he simply sent the re-flashed controller back.  Today I fire it up and yet another failure.  I have owned many smokers over the years, some costing more than the Grand Slam and have never experienced the issues I have with this smoker. The smoker is covered when not in use, stored undercover.  I use only high quality pellets.
Like I mentioned before maybe I got the one dud, my frustration is that I am stuck with an expensive grill that I can not count on to work when I need it to.
Bought the grid iron 6-25-17 have used it about 4 times. igniter has gone out.Its Sunday so no one to speak with today. You would think for the price of this grill which is $1449.00 it would not be having issues. But as I can see in all the other post the igniter is a common issue. Will update later on how warranty goes. But I was very satisfied with the grill up to this point. But only having it a month and a half and having issues and seeing other customers with the same issue very disappointing. At this price range and advertising all made in USA which is why I bought the grill in the first place this company has some work to do.
Update called blazn grill works talked to Tim he sent me the new ignitor my grill is back working. No hassle at all good customer service.  Lets see how long it last. Tim had a tip said for me not to let the ashes sit in the burner pot after use it collects moisture and may have been what damaged the ignitor. I will update if any further issues or if no issues at all. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron" › Reviews › fivebadgers's Review