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Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron" Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: American made with American steel. Extremely solid and rugged. Cooks like a dream. Very easy to clean. Innovative design features.

Cons: Instruction manuel sucks

I purchased my Gridiron in May of 2013, so I think that I am qualified to write this review. I researched the Pellet cooker offers for about a year before I discovered the Blazn Grill Works Gridiron. I was first impressed by the fact that the unit is fabricated and manufactured in the USA. This let me know that i would not have to wait for a shipment from China for a part should I ever need one. I was also impressed by the fact that the Gridiron would be built with any optional color I wished. I will tell you right now, this pit excels as a Smoker or Grill unit. I have done everything from smoking cheese, ribs, butts, chicken,etc. all the way to grilling steaks. The Gridiron is a tank....
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Negative Reviews


Not worth the money or aggravation


Pros: When it works it works well

Cons: Auger jams....more auger jams...Auger fires, ignighter failures

Maybe I got a lemon, but this grill has been nothing but trouble science I bought it. I have had too many auger jams/fires to count.  Tim walked me through reprogramming my controller which helped some.  I sent my controller back to him for a re-flash which appears to not have improved anything.  I followed all the tips about stepping down the temps during shut down.  Today a replace my igniter...again.   This grill has let me down on so many occasions I lost count.  I simply cannot count on this smoker to work!   Like I said, maybe I got a lemon, but for the price of this grill I should not have near the problems! I would never purchase another...
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FBI Van Outside

Excellent Smoker & Grill


Pros: Even temps across grate, superb temperature controls, pellet useage is great and very easy to clean

Cons: No easy pellet dispenser and manual needs updating

So I purchased a GMG Jim Bowie prior to owning my Blaz'n Grill GridIron. I had problems from the start and eventually sold it after owning it for a little over 3 months. I paid more than double for the GridIron but every penny has been worth it.   Installation is somewhat easy. I say somewhat easy because the unit is practically assembled but you will need 2 people to set it upright; it weighs 300 lbs. and is built like a tank. This unit will easily last a decade with its main body made of 16 gauge metal while the heat deflector is 10 gauge. The heat deflector is oval which I believe leads to great even temperatures across the grate. Using various probes from left to...
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Love It!!


Pros: Excellent construction and temperature control, plus made in the USA

Cons: None

Just got mine, cooked ribs, chicken, and grilled pizza, all came out great.



Pros: Quality; Customer Service is Top Notch! Bulletproof!

Cons: Haven't found any!

I have had this grill since October 2014. Since then I have probably put close to 400 pounds of pellets through it! I have cooked everything from hamburgers to the Thanksgiving turkey without a problem! Ribs, tri-tip, prime rib, steaks, key lime pie, apple crisp, vegatables and a fattie have all come out perfect! Any time I hab a question Tim at Blaz'n was only a phone call away! I'm trying to figure out a way to buy another one! › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron" › Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron" Reviews