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Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron"


Pros: American made with American steel. Extremely solid and rugged. Cooks like a dream. Very easy to clean. Innovative design features.

Cons: Instruction manuel sucks

I purchased my Gridiron in May of 2013, so I think that I am qualified to write this review.

I researched the Pellet cooker offers for about a year before I discovered the Blazn Grill Works Gridiron. I was first impressed by the fact that the unit is fabricated and manufactured in the USA. This let me know that i would not have to wait for a shipment from China for a part should I ever need one. I was also impressed by the fact that the Gridiron would be built with any optional color I wished.

I will tell you right now, this pit excels as a Smoker or Grill unit. I have done everything from smoking cheese, ribs, butts, chicken,etc. all the way to grilling steaks.

The Gridiron is a tank. It is solid, heavy, well-built pellet pit that is made in Nebraska using AMERICAN carbon and stainless steel.  It has very solid seams and no gaps in the construction (unlike other pellet grills I was looking at). It has a large heavy steel heat deflector, a heavy 12 gauge lid, The gridiron has a very slick slide out removable combustion chamber to make cleaning effortless.  The Gridiron has both upper and lower cooking shelves. Both are stainless steel roller grates. You wind up with over 1000 sq. inches of cooking area.  There is a full lenght folding stainless steel work shelf on the front of the unit.  The new Pro series controller (an upgrade for me) comes standard and provides very steady temperature from 160 degrees if you are smoking or if you crank it up to 500 degrees for grilling.

When I purchased my Gridiron, I ordered the optional sear kit that works as advertised. I also bought the optional Blazn’ smoker generator that produces tons of smoke.


I think you cannot go wrong with purchasing a Gridiron. Frankly, I don't know why you would want something else.

But don't expect it overnight. Units are built to order so you may have to wait for a few weeks.

One more thing, I DO NOT work for Blazn grill Works, I just think they make a great Pellet Machine.


Pros: Excellent construction and temperature control, plus made in the USA

Cons: None

Just got mine, cooked ribs, chicken, and grilled pizza, all came out great.


Pros: Quality; Customer Service is Top Notch! Bulletproof!

Cons: Haven't found any!

I have had this grill since October 2014. Since then I have probably put close to 400 pounds of pellets through it! I have cooked everything from hamburgers to the Thanksgiving turkey without a problem! Ribs, tri-tip, prime rib, steaks, key lime pie, apple crisp, vegatables and a fattie have all come out perfect! Any time I hab a question Tim at Blaz'n was only a phone call away! I'm trying to figure out a way to buy another one!
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Blaz'n Grill Works "Gridiron"

The Gridiron by Blaz'n Grill Works is an outstanding pellet grill built right here in the good ole USA.

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