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Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #11 in Ceramic Smokers


Pros: Is very fuel efficient and temperature stable

Cons: A little pricey but for me was well worth it.

Being insulated the outside dosen't very warm. At 225° you could leave your bare hand on it all day. At the higest I've had it, which is 700°, you can touch for a few seconds without burning yourself. The lid seal makes this a very tight unit making it easy to control the temp. The first thing everybody learns is to not walk away after light the coals. Once the Keg overshoots the intended temp it takes a long time to get it back down. I learned very fast where the draft and vent adjustments need to be for different temps. It's easy to clean the ashes out with the provided tool which also doubles for lifting the cast iron grate out. Fuel efficiency is out of this world, 4 lbs. at 250° will last 16 hours. Stable temps mean overnight cooks are a no tending affair. Almost to easy. One drawback is there's no easy way to reload wood for smoking. Overall I gave it 4.5 stars only because of the reloading of smoking wood.




Pros: Lower cost; quality construction

Cons: An XL option would be nice

I've been using the Big Steel Keg for several years now and echo everything in the prior review.  It's just like having a large size BGE for less money (and less weight, if you have to move it around).  Temperature control is typically very good, although as noted above, if it gets away from you on the hot side, it can take a fair amount of time to get it back to the desired temperature range, especially in the summer, when outside temps around here can top 100 degrees.  Other that that, it works great!


Any BGE accessories for the large size will work for the Keg, including the pizza stone (yum!).  However, I recommend getting the Keg's diffuser kit/water pan for smoking, rather than the BGE version.  The steel pan in the Keg's version can be filled with wine or beer for extra flavors, if you like that sort of thing.


By the way, the Big Steel Keg is now made by Broil King, which just calls it the Keg:  http://www.broilkingbbq.com/grills?series=9.  


My Keg lives outdoors all year round in wintry Iowa conditions and has survived several winters without any noticeable wear and tear.  I love being able to grill and smoke all winter, even when it's below zero!


Finally, if you are into serious tailgating, you can get a hitch adapter and mount this thing on the back of your vehicle.  Personally, that's not a feature I've ever used, but it's an option.


I suppose my Keg will wear out some day.  When it does, I might just get the same thing and start all over again.  Is there any higher praise?

Big Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking

Engineered to deliver the highest quality results time after time--patio season is now officially extended. Big Steel Keg�s versatility will take your passion for grilling to the next level. First of all, there�s that unique Big Steel Keg shape perfectly designed for efficient convection-style cooking. It�s solidly built, made with a double-walled cast iron body and smooth, baked-on enamel finish inside. Next, you�ll notice the thermometer, built right into the lid that allows you to keep an eye on the precise temperature inside. There are handy, removable trays and the easy-grip handles are always cool to the touch. And what�d-ya-know? There�s even a bottle opener built right in (Man, they thought of everything!) Inside your Big Steel Keg you�ll see the high-performance lid seal; as well as removable and adjustable upper and lower grill grates to expand your cooking surface and menu possibilities. On top and bottom you�ll find numbered dampers that allow you to control the airflow, allowing you to control cooking time and speed. You can even shut-off the air and save your charcoal for another use. There�s even a mesh screen that keeps embers and ashes inside, where they belong. The stand is a sturdy steel construction with jumbo rubberized wheels that makes moving your Big Steel Keg so easy she can do it. And check this out: every Big Steel Keg also comes with its very own multi-Purpose tool and grill cover, perfectly designed for your Big Steel Keg in more ways than one.

BindingLawn & Patio
BrandBig Steel Keg
FeatureMeasures approximately 27 by 44 by 46 inches; 5-year limited warranty
Height46 inches
Length44 inches
Width27 inches
LabelBig Steel Keg
List Price$649.00
ManufacturerBig Steel Keg
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherBig Steel Keg
StudioBig Steel Keg
TitleBig Steel Keg 05503 Charcoal Grill for Convection-Style Cooking
Release Date2010-01-01
Material Typesteel
Material Type Set Elementsteel
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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