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Big Green Egg XL Egg Reviews


XL BGE Is Awesome!


Pros: Excellent heat control and stability

Cons: Heavy

I love my BGE!  When I bought it and started putting it together, I was concerned it was too big, and caused me to re-think the size.  After using it for the past year and a half, I do not regret spending the extra money to have the most grill space possible.  I use it cooking for my family of 4, used it for BBQ competitions, and parties.  I have enough space to BBQ 3-4 pork butts at a time.  Or if I want to cook a few steaks for the family I can do it.  I live in Fairbanks Alaska where is gets down to -40F in the winter.  I have BBQ'd at -10F without problems, and I know I won't have problems in colder temps.  When cooking in the cold, I am only...
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Love it!


Pros: Juicy meat, great smoke flavor, long smoking time without adding more charcoal.

I've had a large BGE for over 8 years, and I got my XL a couple of years ago.  Both are great.  Easy to use, and produce juicy meat.  Maintains consistent heat for low (200-250 degrees) and slow smokes (over 18 hours) without having to add charcoal.  It's also great for grilling steaks, but I usually do mine on my gas grill, due to the quick start up.

Extra Large Big Green Egg


Pros: Great for both smoking and grilling; very easy temperature regulation

Cons: None so far

I have used both charcoal and gas smokers in the past but have never had a smoker that does a better job than the Big Green Egg.  It is great to grill on as well as smoke; it will reach 600-700 degrees quickly and sears a steak very well; then close the lid, lower the temperature, and in a few minutes you have a perfect steak with excellent smoky flavor.  Love the Big Green Egg. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Ceramic Smokers › Big Green Egg XL Egg › Big Green Egg XL Egg Reviews