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Big Green Egg Medium Egg


Pros: Cooks Great. True Grill and Smoker-A BBQ Connoisseur Must Have

Cons: Design on the Lid is a Compromise

I had the product now for two months.  I smoked, grilled, and seared in snow and rain.  This is truly exceptional in temperature control.  High heat or low, it works great. My only complaint is the design on the lid and its accessories are not for medium egg.  Here is what happened.  I have Green Egg grill cover that has a handle on top.  So I lifted it to get cooking, and the ceramic top cover came off with the cover.  The top cover fell to the ground and cracked!  This is a bummer.  Anyway, it is my fault.  I should been more careful. 


Today, I went to the store and purchased another ceramic cover.  I found out the medium lid is the same as the large.  I sort of known this that it is the same.  I even prompted the store clerk.  I did the interchange between large and medium with the casting iron damper, and it certainly is the same.  Subsequently, I noticed, the store's damper is also loose on the medium egg.  Large is tight.  Small is tight.  But the medium egg uses the large's accessories.  This is not right.  Well, I bought the ceramic top cover and some extra gasket replacement.  Got home, doubled up the gasket and now, I got a snug fit on the damper and ceramic top!  Cost me $48 to fix it.  It's a work around.  The store does not carry the actual gasket for the top opening--it is different from the gasket replacement but it works. 


I understand keeping less SKU and communizing parts...I would suggest to Green Egg to have some extra thick gasket specific for medium egg but not sure over time, the gasket will compress and deteriorate.


For what's it worth.  It is a great product.  The medium size works for my family. 


Pros: Excellent heat, allows for good smokey flavor

Cons: Expensive, can't do cold smoking, sometimes hard to regulate

I've owned a medium Big Green Egg for about 13 years. I hadn't used it lately, but now that I've formally retired, I decided to rebuild the Egg and start smokin'! First, I needed to realign the bands for the lid as well as replace the stainless steel grid. I had also lost the ash rake (no big deal, really) and the wooden handle needed to be replaced because it had rotted off. In addition, the old trolley's wheels are frozen, so moving this puppy from one place to another requires a bit of ingenuity. My next project will be to replace the wheels, but they are frozen in place so I need to strategize how to get the old ones off. I also purchased a plate setter to offset the heat. This accessory wasn't available when I first bought my Egg, but I immediately knew what the benefits would be and found a local dealer who had one in stock.


I'm a particular fan of doing fish in the BGE. I love to smoke blue fish or mackerel, both of which are difficult to find in Florida. As I write this, I'm doing Jeff's 3-2-1 recipe for ribs to get my feet wet after all this time.


I'm very interested in other smokers and would love to start experimenting with cold smoking for fish, sausages and cheese. I'd be interested to hear any feedback on the Bradley 4-rack smoker that's being used for this purpose.


I discovered this site by a Google search, and I'm delighted that there's such a valuable resource on the Internet. Thanks, Jeff, for starting and maintaining this site. I hope to be a new contributor!


Pros: High Quality

Cons: So Far So Good

I have only had my BGE for a short time. My main smoker is a WSM, I got the egg mostly for my winter smokes as the WSM loses a lot of heat in sub freezing weather. So far I am very happy with the BGE.


Pros: Quality,stable temps,versatility

Cons: $$$$

This is my second BGE. I own the large and I have not been able to find any faults with these things. They grill, smoke, bake- you name it and this will do it. Being in Alaska it does not work to have a metal smoker as they just lose too much heat and you burn through the charcoal way too fast. I know these are a bit on the expensive side but as a wise man once said buy a cheap tool many times or a good one once.


The photo shown has accessories such as shelves and the (nest) the rolling stand which would add a couple hundred bucks to the 600 - 650 base price. The nest is really nice as it puts it at a good height for cooking and allows you to position it for the vent to be either facing the wind or away from the wind. They are quite heavy about 100 pounds.

Big Green Egg Medium Egg

The Medium EGG is a good size for smaller families of two to four people. •15-inch diameter cooking grid •Weighs 95 pounds •177 square inches of cooking surface •The Medium EGG can cook: ◦18-pound turkey ◦6 burgers ◦3 chickens vertically ◦4 steaks ◦4 racks of ribs vertically

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