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Big Green Egg Large Egg

94% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Ceramic Smokers


Pros: Easy to be a great cook with the BGE!

Cons: Accessories are expensive!

The BGE is the bomb!  Before getting it, I had never had a smoker and had never smoked any type of meat.  First try was 2 chickens and they were off the chain!  Have cooked chickens, turkey breasts, steaks and all have turned out wonderful!  Easy learning curve on how to control temperature.  My problem is deciding what recipe to use next!  It can grill @ high temp and cook for hours @ low temps.  Be sure to get the plate deflector so you can cook by indirect heat. Unless something BETTER than a BGE comes out, this is my grill/smoker for as long as I can see!


Pros: Temperature control, Temperature maintenance, easy to use and start, Makes the neighbours jealous, Dealer did everything including deliver

Cons: Add ons are expensive (overall expensive but good product)

I recently got a BGE large for Christmas


I have already used it several times for Chicken, Ribs, Boston Butt etc.

It is a good Charcoal oven/ smoker and holds temp to perfection.

Fill with Charcoal Light and set your intake/outtake to get your temp, then simply walk away (if you want, I like watching mine)


The only reason this does not get 5 stars is the cost of the add on products (gets expensive fast) I would buy another in a heartbeat So arguably 5 stars from me.


Pros: Tastes good

Cons: Everything else

Maybe i'm old school but for $1000, I'd like a manual. There isn't one. I bought mine at Offenbacher. They set it up. I had the hardest time getting it going the first few times. After 3 times, I thought maybe I had too many ashes after a while. I opened the vent and in front of me was ceramic, not an opening. Apparently when they installed it, they set it up wrong. So I turned it around, rotated the inner thingy and it worked better. Then the gasket broke on the little chimney. Offenbacher replaced it for free. They said, "Did you remember to raise it to 350 degrees 3 times?" I said no. I had no idea what they were talking about. I went back today since both the top and bottom gaskets are now shot. it's 2 mos old. I said I wouldn't pay for the gaskets. They said it's wear and tear. I said it's only 2 mos old and did mention the thousand bucks. They were unrelenting. But they did ask if I first did 3 fires at 350. Funny they asked. I said they asked the same thing last time I was in there. I asked how i was supposed to know to do that. The guy said, "It's in the book." I said, "What book?" After about 20 mins of searching unsuccessfully, he had to admit there was no book. And he wouldn't pay for the gasket. So I left, told him I'd call the BGE people in Atlanta tomorrow. We'll see what happens then. But it really does irk me that for $1000 you're kinda on your own. Everything I know I know from friends who have one or from youtube. Thus far, Offenbacher is useless. i'll see how BGE is. Maybe they'll take the whole thing back and reimburse me for my trouble but I doubt it. 


Pros: Great flavor, can set it and forget it

Cons: difficult to do cold smoke, not designed for hanging meats/sausages

Great for grilling and smoking.  Very efficient.  I can load charcoal ~1/2 way up and add wood chunks for low and slow at ~125F to 150F, have it last for well over 12 hours, then have coals left over.  The only drawback is it's difficult to control the temp for cold smoking.  You need to have a separate source or build a small firebox out of a metal can to keep from building too much heat.


Looking at the price, I'm glad I got mine when I did.  I got a large egg ~10 years ago, assembled and delivered with a starter, large bag of charcoal, and a bunch of tools for just over $600 including tax.


Pros: easy in all respects with perfect results, and truly versatile.

Cons: heavy

mine is the medium model.


my perspective is from a very good cook with 40+ experienced years with smoking and grilling of all types.  from high powered and expensive gas and electric units, to 55 gallon barrels, old propane tanks, homemade wonders by various welders, and some designed for the commercial market.


the green egg is the best.  i wish i had had it soooo long ago.  if i had my whiskey bill would be much smaller.  temperature control is NOT an issue.  there is virtually no drift.


for smoking it is very simple.  using the plate setter is a snap and makes for a very relaxed smoke.  i smoke at around 200 degrees.  i get the egg to 300 and choke it back and go.  it takes all of 10 minutes.  put on the meat and forget it.  on occasion, depending on the effect i want, i'll increase the temp at the end for a crust.


grilling is just as easy.  i fire it up with the lid open and get the temp to 700 or above.  throw on steaks or whatever and close the lid and fix the black cap wide open.  usually i don't touch it. turn or flip after 3 or 4 minutes to get the other side.  with a minute left i choke off the unit entirely and allow the meat to set.  perfect every time.  i take steaks medium to medium rare, depending on the cut.  burgers come out perfect.


i can't imagine a better designed product for smoking or grilling.  this unit does both.


Pros: Cooks Low and Slow Forever on one load of charcoal.

Cons: Pricey but I didn't mind spending the money. Got 10% off at a legitimate dealer (don't buy elsewhere).

Just got the large big green egg and a great deal of rain slowed my table building, but finally finished and set up the BGE. Made a Boston Butt and a Turkey so far with great results. Used apple wood chunks both times. I use the BBQ Guru NanoQ with 10 cfm fan for perfect temperature control. Cooked the pork at 225* and the Turkey at 350*. I can set the egg and controller and go to bed smoking overnight and some of the next day (not the turkey, 14 lb in 4 hours brined, injected and rubbed).


I think there should be an SMF Group for Big Green Eggers!


Have a company bonus coming soon and thinking of investing in a BGE.  Have had a Weber Genisis for twenty years and love it but want to be able to smoke and slow cook which is more difficult on the Weber.  Are users using it for high temp cooking as well or pretty much limited to low and slow.  I live in southern California and I have a little sqaure charcoal grill I use for coal cooking. I primarily use mesquite lump charcoal in it which burns very hot, gives great  but does not appear to be very long lasting.  Anyone using mesquite in their BGE.  Curious about the experienece you are having.




ps:site requires a rating to submit and since I don't own own, kind of useless.

I have a question for all you BGE owners ,is the BGE really worth the high price ? I have a vision version and I got it for 499 for everything !!! All the accessories stand etc , is one better than the other ?
Also can u use it while raining ?
Thanks guys in advance , I love my ceramic BBQ so IMPRESSED WITH IT !!!!


Pros: *****

Cons: Expensive

I've added an xl bge to my lineup. I also use an 050 and Ameri-que cookshack smokers. Now, the cookshack smokers are absolutely great, using electricity, however, the xl bge is phenomal using charcal. There is definately a "smoke ring " difference, and a taste difference. There is also more diversity to be had with the BGE. In 40+ years, trying various pit styles, I must admit, I do love that xl BGE !!!  Although " taste " is what its all about, all styles have their merit. Bottom line, learn the characteristcs of your BBQ, and enjoy Que !!!!


ed.   drool.gif


Pros: Smoking, Grilling, it does it all

Cons: COST!!!!!

I've had the grill less than a month and have been cooking non-stop. I smoked a turkey, some ribs, and a butt. I've grilled steaks, burgers, breasts and shrimp. So far I am happy with everything I've made. 

Any issues with the food was due to the learning curve,

Only issue is the cost. On top of that all the accessories that I want add up.

My egg is currently on blocks on my patio. I did not want the nest, when I knew a table was in the near future. I am building a table to save money on accessories.

One last note, I used the egg non-stop for 3 weeks including 2 medium length smokes and I finally ran out of charcoal from my first bag. Not bad!

Big Green Egg Large Egg

The Large EGG is still our most popular size and is able to easily handle the cooking needs of most families. Specifications: •18-inch diameter cooking grid •Weighs 140 pounds •255 square inches of cooking surface •The Large EGG can cook: ◦20-pound turkey ◦12 burgers ◦6 chickens vertically ◦8 steaks ◦7 racks of ribs vertically

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