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Bear Paws (Amazon) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Tool


Pros: Easily shred and move large cuts of meat.

Cons: None yet

Invaluable tool for pulling/shredding meats.  They also work great for moving large cuts of meat to and from the grill.  

Negative Reviews


Bear Paws


Pros: Easy to shred, easy to clean, keeps keeps fingers from getting burned

Pulling pork was never easier then with the Bear Paws. Have used with some brisket as well.

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Quality product


Pros: Easy to use, you won't burn your hands

Cons: They're sharp, so watch out for small children who will be fascinated by this item.

My wife got me a pair of these for Christmas. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first - my butts come so tender, I never thought I needed these. But, the way they keep you from burning or even thinking about burning your hands is worth it. Makes pulling a butt child's play! 

Dont pull pork without them


Pros: Fast, can pull hot meat, and dishwasher safe

Cons: Haven't found one

These things are the best tool you can have when it comes to shredding meat.  Pork or Beef.

makes pulling pork fun


Pros: easy to use, durable.

Cons: hard to hold onto after awhile due to greasy conditions.

helps alot if you've got a big batch of pp to make, though they get a bit harder to hold onto as you go due to massive amounts of pork fat.  seem to be really durable, i've used mine 20+ times and the only wear and tear that I can see is the tines are a bit crooked, to be expected i suppose.  I recommend these if you make lots of pulled pork.

A must have


Pros: Easy to use

Cons: none yet

These are very easy to use and makes pulling pork super easy. Well worth the investment. › Smokers & More › Grill & Smoker Accessories › Tools › Barbecue Forks › Bear Paws (Amazon)  › Bear Paws (Amazon) Reviews