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Bayou Classic 0770-PDQ Leg and Wing Rack Reviews


First review


Pros: Can be used in charcoal grill, propane and smoker. Great for keeping food off the grill prevent burn spots.

Cons: discolors a little and limited amout you can load on it. Storage.

This is my first review but these things are great.  My wife bought it for me as sort of joke for Christmas like 3-4 years ago.  I have cooked Chicken Legs and Leg/Thigh combo on it.  I set my grills (charcoal/gas) for indirect and put the rack in the middle.  As the fat drips off the chicken is safe from flare ups.  Baste with marinade is easy just spooning it along the rack.  I have taken the wings off and dipped them in sauces and replaced them on the rack.  It allows the sugary BBQ sauces to coat the leg and get cooked on without the big flares or the sugar fed fires. Skin will still crisp up and not have burned section.   For the...
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