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Amaze-N- Pellet Smoker Reviews


Great little gadget!


Pros: Simple, works great, inexpensive

Cons: Limited to available pellet wood types

I really love my Amaze-N-Pellet Smoker. It's sturdy and well-made. When I need to do a long, cool smoke I love it's "set it and forget it" simplicity.  I'm working with a self-made 60-gallon wine barrel smoker, so it's a sort of primitive set-up that doesn't allow for a lot of finesse for temperature and air-flow control.  With the Amaze-N-Pellet Smoker I don't need to worry about it; I sometimes start it before going to bed and just let it go all night, up to 11 hours.  Sometimes I'll fill it again for an even longer smoke. I listed "limited to available pellet wood types" as a con, but it's not really, because you can get pellets in pretty much any wood you'd...
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Great results


Pros: easy to use, works well

Cons: none that I have found

I also bought the Amazing maze on the scratch and sent sale, did find some flaws, but, who cares. I gifted one to a friend who I visited in Bellingham, WA. While there, we used his Masterbuilt electric smoker to cold smoke cheese. With a loose door closure and only the Amazing maze lit from one size, we were able to produce some very taste varieties of smoked cheeses. 

Great product, pellet choice important


Pros: Long unattended smoke times possible

Cons: Pellets and Airflow vitally important to good operation.

I purchase two of these units offered in the "scratch and dent" sale.  For the life of me, they arrived with no scratches or dents.  Todd was nice enough to also include two bags of his Pitmaster's choice pellets.  These were two-pound each bags.  I also did some test burn-ins to see how well the tray worked.  I was using an Masterbuilt Electronic Smoker (MES) 40 (windowless 20070613) and a Kingsford H24 grill as my test mules.  I ended up having to entirely pull the chip loading tray, and the burn tray in the MES to get enough airflow to get a consistent burn; I also had to change pellets from the Pitmaster's Choice to have success.  The...
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All of Todd's products are AMAZE-N!


Pros: Strong design, great airflow, quality pellets and dust..

Cons: Psssshhhhhhht not enough meat to smoke with this thing!

I have the AMNS and have used that to cold smoke bacon, salmon, cheese and more recently (well almost a year ago) a Virginia Country Ham up here in Massachusetts with 160 hours of cold smoke.  The best part is that these devices are really a "set it and forget it" thing.  I'd go out in the morning and light my AMNS before work, and let it smoke all day, and then come home from work, check on it and re-fill it and light it again before the evening so it could run all night long.  Repeat process in the morning.   I have not yet used my AMNPS but absolutely cannot wait and have a 5lb bag of Pitmaster's blend waiting to go in!  Bacon is up next for me and I will try...
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Excellent results


Pros: Easy to use...puts out plenty of smoke...durable

Cons: None

I have two Amaze-N-Pellet smokers and I use them every time I cook.  I have one of the square box type that you light from both ends and one of the 18" tubes you light from one end.  These are really quality made products and I highly recommend them.

Works well overall


Pros: Puts out good smoke

Cons: Staying lit in the MES 30

Its not the products fault, but in the MES 30 you have to play with it and find the right place for it to get enough air for it to stay lit.

Works just like its supposed to!


Pros: Ton of smoke for little cost

Cons: None I can think of

Works great, I have used it for the following so far: Cheese, Sea Salt, Buck Board Bacon, Belly Bacon.   Here is it midway through a BBB smoke.    


this is a great gadget i just used it my Bradley smoker the only issue there is i had to plug the pucker with foil half way up works as advertised and still playing with it it does need to breath (needs air) overall a great product !!
Smokin - K



Pros: Easy 10 to 12 hours of smoke off of 1 pound of pellets

Cons: I do not know any convicts.

I have the dust version and now the pellet smoker and both are truly AMAZING! I like the pellet smoker a little more as it puts out more smoke as I have a pretty good size smoke house. For a 12 hour smoke I pay about .50 cents for my smoke... Can't go wrong at all. I would recomend this product to my mother or your mother for that matter... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Amaze-N- Pellet Smoker › Amaze-N- Pellet Smoker Reviews