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A1 Competition Smoker


Pros: Seems to be built like a tank. hold temp well

Cons: the warming box doesnt have any vents so you are stuck with what ever the temp is. The fire box seems to be mounted a bit high

Bought this a few weeks ago I had the split doors put on it as well as a warming box, I have used it twice. When i went to pick it up the guy spent all of 2 minutes with me on the operation and the smoker itself. He seemed more interested in getting me out of there than talking about his product.When i got it home the warming box wouldnt stay closed. I called the company they told me "beat it with a hammer" and that should fix it.  Generally speaking i would say their customer service skills are lacking. The operation of the smoker itself seems to be fairly standard for a RF smoker. It does burn a bit more fuel that i expected but its a smoker. I have done some ribs and chicken and i was generally pleased, i will be doing about 8 butts tomorrow . I would say that its an ok value and does a decent job for the money compared to others i have seen. If i bought another smoker i would probably do a bit more research and see what else is out there. 

A1 Competition Smoker

•Reverse flow •Chrome stacks on charcoal grill •Chrome vents on firebox •3/8″ Rolled steel smoker cylinder (thickness) •Fish fryer •Propane tank holder •3500lb axle •15″ wheels •Firebox 20″x24″ •5′x3′ smoke cylinder •Charcoal grill 31″x24″x42″ •30″ x 60″ smoker cylinder •2 large slide out racks

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