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Pros: none

Cons: Will not work in a propane smoker

This product will not work in a propane smoker and it is a known defect by Amazen.

The gas fire fights with the smoker for the air supply and the smoker usually looses an

will not burn.

They fail to disclose this defect in their advertisements but when

you complain to the company Todd jumps in and tries to give you a lesser value

tube that doesn't smoke as long as the 5x8.

Wait it probably does because the 5x8 doesn't work in propane smokers!


So beware if you own a propane smoker this is a piece of junk that will not work

with them.


Contact Todd from A-mazen directly on his cell with any problems. He will make things right whether that is giving you tips on how to use that one in your particular smoker or refunding you. He strives to support his customers with the best possible customer service.
PS. mine does work in my propane smoker. 
I'm using my A-Maze-N with a propane heat source on my homemade cold smoker modifications to my BBQ rig.  It works great, but I do have a 3-speed 8" hvac fan feeding air to both the propane burner and the pellet box.  Check out my thread on making beef sticks for photos of my setup.