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Really Amazing A-MAZE-N-SMOKER


Pros: Hours & Hours & hours of smoke without any bother

Cons: Can't think of any

This thing is so easy to use, and works perfectly. I had other smoke generators, and all of them stop smoking or smoke too much, without constantly having to babysit them. One even said I might have to tap it now & then. It was more like tap it every 10 or 15 minutes, or jam a screwdriver in it to get it going again. This little A-MAZE-N-SMOKER really is amazing! You just fill it with wood dust, light it, put it in your smoker, and then you can go worry about other things, because this thing will burn for hours, and hours, and hours all by itself. You don't even need a smoker. You could smoke meat with this thing in a cardboard box ! Also as far as cleaning goes, when it cools...
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Top Value In Pellet Smoker--Best Customer Service Anywhere


Pros: Easy to fill and to place. Hours of TBS, Well made.

Cons: Takes a bit of practice to keep it lit in Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouses.

I own the 5x8 pellet smoker. Thanks to the AMNPS and the MES 30 1st generation model that I own, I haven't had to do any mods or anything special to use this smoker. I also don't have to buy any brand-specific wood pellets to use with a brand-specific pellet loader. I buy all my wood pellets from Todd because anyone who can design such a great pellet smoker obviously knows quality wood pellets as well. In fact, I just placed an order today for mesquite pellets from Todd. he sells them in 2 lb. and 5 lb. bags but I rarely need to use more than a half-pound to a pound of pellets for a 4-hour smoke, and even then I'm typically using a mix of woods.   The AMNPS worked...
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Negative Reviews


5x8 a-maze-n Smoker


Pros: none

Cons: Will not work in a propane smoker

This product will not work in a propane smoker and it is a known defect by Amazen. The gas fire fights with the smoker for the air supply and the smoker usually looses an will not burn. They fail to disclose this defect in their advertisements but when you complain to the company Todd jumps in and tries to give you a lesser value tube that doesn't smoke as long as the 5x8. Wait it probably does because the 5x8 doesn't work in propane smokers!   So beware if you own a propane smoker this is a piece of junk that will not work with them.

disappointed, made in China


Pros: makes smoke

Cons: made in China, wobbles on a flat surface

I was impressed with the reviews so I went to there Website took a look still thinking "$35.00 is a lot for this little thing". So I ordered it anyway.    It looks well built but when I set it on my table I noticed it rocks back and forth. It has a 1/2" twist to it over the 8" side. I know some people are thinking "so what, it only is producing smoke what's the big deal"? The big deal is, for the price $35.00 I assumed (my mistake for assuming) that this is something made in USA.  I would NOT purchased this at $35.00 ($15.00 yes) if I knew it was made in China. I expect not so great of quality from Chinese made products that why we pay less for for them.

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Great Unit


Pros: Cheap, Easy To Use, Stupid Simple

Cons: None

Use on any smoker. Many varieties of wood available. Smoke anything cold or hot. 2 sizes available.

Excellent Pellet Smoker--Best Customer Service Anywhere


Pros: Excellent Product

Cons: None

I have A 5x8 Smoke Box, And A Twelve inch Smoke Tube. Stop By A-maze-n Store Today To Pick Up Thermometer. And Todd Took Care Of Me, He is Excellent to work with, even sent me home with some free pellets. Will definitely Do Business With him Again. Customer For Life.

The best smoker for the money


Pros: IT will allow you to add as much pellets to allow for smoking times as required

Cons: I cant think of any - if you can light wood - you can use this anywhere!

I have had this for a long time - you can add this to many different smokers, or use this as a mailbox mod. The simplicity of this is the meaning of success! load pellets, light them and put them in where you need smoke. The other brands don't cook as well or last.

Wonderful-easy to use


Pros: Easy, handy, worked as instructed

Cons: I don't get to run out every 20-30 minutes and add wood chips...

So easy to use-best purchase in a long time!  It is everything they say-follow the instructions and you will be a success.  I double smoked a ham and it was wonderful!  This weekend i will do ribs!

Fill It & Forget It. Lasts & Lasts For Hours..


Pros: Easy to Use, Pellets Last a Long Time.. Great Variety of Flavors.

Cons: None

I only had this 3 days and I couldn't be more pleased as I have used it 3 times in 3 days. I filled the tray today at 6am for a pork butt and at 3pm 9 hours later there is still half a row left of pellets. I am using the mailbox method and running duct work to the opening of my chip tray, 3" opening and duct work fits perfectly. I put the AMNS in the mail box and close the lid. WHats great about this feature is I was able to cold smoke cheese and not worry about the heat melting the cheese. Another nice feature is no matter how low I set my smoker temp (electric smoker) I can smoke and not worry that there isn't enough heat to actually smoke the wood chips. There are no fluctuations in...
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Best invention ever!


Pros: Easy to use. You set the smoking time by adding as many pellets as needed.

Cons: Nothing

I have an MES 40 with the mailbox mod and this works perfect with it. Smoke runs right through unit and kisses meat each time. Food is never too smokey, always perfect. I'd recommend it to anyone with an MES.
Terry Adams



Pros: To early to comment on anything other than most excellent customer service

After reading all the comments about ANMPS, especially the ones on how they free you from babysitting the smoker (unless you want to) I've been thinking about ordering one. Today was the day. I poked about the A-MAZE-N-SMOKER site for about 20 minutes still procrastinating. Finally clicked on the order button and an A-MAZE-N thing started to happen! I immediately received an order confirmation and within 34 minutes received shipping confirmation and tracking information!! I'm still stunned about the speed and couldn't be more excited to know that it's on its way to me. Sure wish I had done this on Tuesday so it'd be in my hands right now! I'll let you know how we fare....
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On Amazon...

Congrats on getting your product on Amazon,i just stopped by there and left a 5 star review. Have to tell you I LOVE mine,made such awesome foods with it.
Hoity Toit

Low n Slow


Cons: NONE

Ive only used mine three times but let me tell you, it works !   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/115528/prime-for-new-years-day-2011-lots-lots-of-q-views   http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/115696/jalapeno-jack-muenster-provolone-w-amps-oak-and-whiskey-barrell#post_745837

I don't care what others are saying.


Pros: Well built, efficient, simple solution.

I have held back on purchasing a A-maze-n-smoker, because I was a little dubious about the claims.  I have used many other different products and made a few of my own.   I finally ordered it, and it arrived swiftly, with a minimum of delay, and Todd fullfilled my order  with wonderful customer service, and a FREE gift.    I have used my new AMZNPS pellet smoker in both my Klose 24" X 36", and my MES40.  I smoked cheese in the Klose, and pulled pork in the MES40.  Both yielded excellent results, with a minimum of mess, simple to use and clean up was a breeze.   This is a simple solution, not elegant, but completely functional, for the...
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