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Pros: Easy, portable and works anywhere....

Cons: none

This smoke generator is a perfect match to an electric smoker.... I have an MES 30....  Generates smoke longer than is generally needed for most products....   No refilling... set it and forget it... Truly a great addition to your smoking arsenal.... 


Pros: This thing works great, never had any problems what so ever

Cons: None I have found

I have a reverse flow smoker, but during cool weather like to cold smoke.

I put it in my Fire Box on top of my upside down charcoal basket, Works perfect.

Also use it in my propane grill.  a two burner unit, I turn one burner either off or

very low put my lit AMNPS on that side and leave the lid cracked  Perfect smoke everytime.


Nice job Todd


Gary S


Pros: Easy to use - makes it easy to be successful when smoking - quick to setup and use

Cons: NONE

Ordered the AMPS pellet smoker direct from the manufacturer. I ordered the wrong flavor pellets by mistake and sent an email, and followed up by phone and they switched the order before they shipped it. They were very nice to talk to and very helpful!


I am currently running the AMPS in a side box, and pumping the smoke into my smoker via a venturi powered pump - out of preference not necessity.


Thanks for a great product, and thanks to all the folks on SMF for loads of helpful information!!!




Pros: Rarely have to refill for most smoking.

Cons: Somestimes difficult to start but there is a solution.

The A-Maze-N-Peller-Smoker and Tube Smoker are outstanding products.


If you follow Todd's lighting instructions to the letter you usually experience success, however,  if you are experiencing difficulty keeping the pellets lit try this:


Microwave the pellets for one minute...Stir them up...Then microwave for another minute.


Success every time!


Good Luck,




Pros: Long steady burn

Cons: Can be hard to lite and to keep lit

My wife bought me one a few months ago as an early birthday present. She also got me a huge bag of apple pellets too and I picked up some alder dust.  I've smoked a lot of cheese since getting it with the mixture of the apple and the alder. I do not use it in my electric smoker since I'm not sure how to set it in there with out it touching the element. Plus, I have a cheapo old bullet smoker that is a poor design because it has vents but still works just fine for normal hot smoking beef, pork and fish.  So instead, I use it in my old gas grill with the element removed - I just put it the AMazeN in one corner, below the grate and close to the air vent, crack the lid slightly so there is enough ventilation and lay the cheese in the other side - I get a great steady smoke and wonderful cheese.  


The pellets can be hard to get lit and keep lit. Originally, I struggled with that.  Now,  I do microwave my pellets and use a small kitchen torch on them and let them burn for 10 minutes or so.  Once I started doing that, I've had no problems.  I actually took my  A-Maze-N and a bag of pellets with me to my parents a few weeks ago when I was back hunting. I brought some samples of cheese and some beef sticks I made for them. Well, they were a huge hit so I smoked a large batch of cheese for them for holiday party they are hosting in a few weeks - I'm now their favorite son again!  HA!


Great product, its built to last and with a little patience, you will not be sorry you bought it.  I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to cold smoke. 


Pros: consistant smoke

After reading the reviews and some of the issues of keeping the pellets smoking, i was a bit curious how my experience would be. I microwave my pellets everytime so they are good and dry and have never had a problem in my 40" MasterBuilt electric smoker. This is the greatest!!!! never worrying about adding more chips. Now my only concern is not over smoking, what a good problem to have.


Pros: Burns dust OR pellets for long extended smokes

Cons: Need to be sure you light pellets well with a torch-not really a con

I was a 100% wood chunk guy, wrapped them in aluminum foil, produced great smokes, and have a huge variety of fruit and nut wood I get for free. I joined the forum and saw all these goodies I could make using cold smoke techniques. Well when the temperature was below freezing at light off time early in the morning and only rose to about 50 it was no problem keeping a low temp with a few coals and chunk. As spring temps got here it became harder and harder to do cold smoking and basically had to man the grill opening vents, doors and lid constantly, no fun. So from all I read, I decided to get the AMZNPS and it works great. I tried a few short cuts to light it off and had no problems with getting the dust going, but found I needed a butane torch to fire off the pellets correctly.

Very sturdy built stainless steel, but don't use over direct heat and make sure it gets good air flow. 

Great TBS smoke and though I have never tried another brand of pellets or dust, I have read Todd's (AMZNPS) are the best. They do have a great smokey smell and taste, true to the wood. I have used the smoker also in higher heat situations and it works well there too. I will still be using my well cured chunks when I can, but for low and slow or cold smoking it's the AMZNPS for me. I have never done an overnight smoke, but this allows me to do it and get some sleep (as long as the bears don't rip me off), it will burn up to 11 hours I have read.    


Pros: Once set up it works great

Cons: Can be a bit stubborn at times

Great piece of smoking gear for an electric smoker.  It produces TBS for hours if loaded or a few hours if filled to a lesser level.  It took a while to get the bugs worked out of my technique but once done it hasn't failed yet.  There is a nice smokey flavor to the foods and a multitude of available pellet flavors to choose from.  i highly recommend it.


Pros: Easy to light, easy to use, you can control how long smoking lasts, easily fits inside my MES 30, outstanding customer service.

Cons: Needs a propane torch to light.

When I first joined this forum, Todd's name and A-Maze-N and AMPNS all popped up in different threads. I had just bought my MES 30 and thought wood chips were the way to go. I asked some questions about Todd and the AMNPS and to a person everyone raved about him and his smoker and his dust and pellets and his customer service. They were right on all counts.


With the AMNPS, I just fill it with the amount of pellets I'm going to need, and then set the torch to it to light it up. 10 minutes later, it's ready to go into my MES. I shut the door and that's really about it till I'm done smoking several hours later. With wood chips, I'm loading them into the smoker about every 20 minutes it seems like.


But I think more than selling great products, Todd gives probably the best customer service I've ever experienced, and that doesn't just include handling questions about the AMNPS, but also questions regarding smoking food. He's the man of experience talking and I've learned so much from him. I just email him with a question and get a response usually the same day.


Todd has made my smoking experience more fun--and more tasty. Thank you, Todd, for everything.


The “NEW” A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER(AMNPS) is a light weight, durable and portable smoke generator. It’s designed to burn pellets or sawdust. The new AMNPS will produce smoke during cold smoking and hot smoking, tested up to 275° Produces smoke for up to 11 hours on 15 oz of A-MAZE-N-PELLETS.

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