No problems, solidly built, easy to use.

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Pros: Tilt makes it nice to unload and clean, auger comes out easily and its heavy enough it doesn't move around so I don't believe I have to anchor it.

Cons: The bearing that supports the augar is resesed so you have to pay attention cleaning it. Bits of meat can be easily missed.

Ive ground and mixed 60 + pounds of meat so far in 20-25 lbs batches. 1st, it does a much better job than I did manually with out over working the meat. I need to work on my setup a bit to make the unloading smother, about 90% comes right out when you tilt it but some sticks to the sides with the mixture I was using which included raw eggs, so Ill update this the next time I make hamburger and let you know what hangs up then.  I was weighing the Cabellas and the LEM, I think the stand may have been stainless where the cabela's is painted steel is the only real difference I can see from pictures, This would account for the weight difference and Im not looking at that as a minus as it was very stable and costing 80% less didn't hurt either.


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