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2 Inch Smoker Thermometer

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Smoker


Pros: Great temperature grading

Cons: non

This is a great temp gauge very accruate as tested by my digital probe and love color coded areas


Pros: very accurate easy to read

Cons: got water in the dial of one of them

  • I have two of these in my big smoker and i have checked them both with a real darn good  oven  theromoter and they are the same reading, i have smoked pigs up to 80 lbs and many many ribs and chickens on this unit, so i think this is a great buy and very accurate.


Pros: gauge responds quickly, accurate temp, colored gauge is cool

Cons: none so far

I installed this 2" thermometer on my 22.5" Weber OTG, and so far it's been great. The temperature on this gauge, installed near the grate on my lid, corresponds very closely with an oven thermometer (an accurate one) that I keep inside on the grate. I really like how quickly the needle moves on the Old Smokey. 





Cons: Wording over the temp readings

I love this unit. I changed out a meter that was old. Purchased this unit at Academy. It works fine. Good value for the money

2 Inch Smoker Thermometer

Stainless steel. Commercial quality. 100 - 475 degrees.

BrandOld Smokey
FeatureBrand new in shelf box
LabelOld Smokey
ManufacturerOld Smokey
Package Quantity1
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameHOME
PublisherOld Smokey
StudioOld Smokey
Title2 Inch Smoker Thermometer
Size2" dial
StyleOld Smokey
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
SmokingMeatForums.com › Smokers & More › Thermometers › Smoker › 2 Inch Smoker Thermometer