Zanzibar Pork Sausage Recipe

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  1. This recipe is a Zanzibar Brand-recommended recipe for using Zanzibar Brand Pork Seasoning, noted in the J.J. Costa recipe for Zanzibar Brand Pork Seasoning. Zanzibar Brand seasonings were made by B. Heller & Co., Chicago, and were referenced in B. Heller & Co.'s 1922 book, Secrets of meat curing and sausage making : how to cure hams, shoulders, bacon, corned beef, etc., and how to make all kinds of sausage, etc., and comply with all pure food laws, in various recipes.

    Zanzibar Pork Sausage

    10 pounds pork shoulder
    12 1/2 tablespoons Zanzibar-Brand Pork Flavor 1
    3/4 cup white wine vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
    1 tablespoon turbinado sugar

    1. Run the meat through the primary grind, using a large plate like a chili grind plate. Add the Zanzibar spice blend and mix well. Cover, refrigerate and marinate overnight.

    2. The next day, add vinegar. Then add sugar. Mix well, and run through final grind. Stuff into hog casing.

    3. Alternatively, dissolve the sugar in the vinegar, and add the spice blend to the vinegar making a spice slurry, and pour the slurry over the meat after the primary grind and mix well. Run the meat through the final grind and stuff into hog casing.

    4. Optionally, dissolve 1 tsp of kosher salt per pound of meat in the vinegar.
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