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Discussion in 'Pork' started by northwet smoker, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. So I tried my 3rd batch of BB ribs yesterday. The first 2 attemps were pretty succesful but yesterdays batch was nothing to write home about. I'm kind of at a loss because I did everything the same. They were on for 7 hours at 210-230 degrees. I know 7 hours is a long time for B-backs but it took this long to come up to temp. The ribs had good flavor but were tough as nails and pretty grissly. Is it possible to get a bad batch of ribs? My first attempts took 5-6 hours and turned out pretty good for a newb. Any thoughts on what I did wrong. Temp too low maybe? Thanks for any input.

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    And what temp was this? Most go strictly by time for ribs, not temps. BB's need anywhere 4 to 5 hours tops to be done. Modified 3-2-1 (for spares) such as 2-2-1 or my fav 2- 1.5- .5 is more than sufficent for BB's with a smoker temp of 225 to 250º
  3. Don't go by temp. For some reason (im pretty new at this so don't have an answer as to why) whenever i take BB temps it says 120 or 130 when the ribs are clearly done. I quit even thinking about testing temp and now employee a 2-1-.5 system as well and they always come out beautiful when im running right around 230-250.
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    Yep, yep! I agree!
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    It's pretty hard to check temps accurately on baby backs because the meat is quite thin and close to the bone. I always check mine by the pullback of the meat and picking them up by the center of the rack. When done, they should bend in the middle and meat starts to pull from the bone.
  6. I've never checked the temps before either. Had just been looking for the ends to pull back and doing the bend test and calling it good. This batch just didn't look done even after 7 hours. I might have to try the foil method and see what happens. Is it possible that I just got a couple of bad racks?
  7. This is what I've done in the past and it worked fine. I'm baffled. [​IMG]
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    Well after 7 hours I would have expected dry and grisley ribs. So if they tasted like that, there you have it. Rare to see bad ribs. Could you tell if they had been or were they frozen ribs?

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