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Discussion in 'Beef' started by drlchi, Jul 12, 2015.

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    Did a 5lb brisket flat yesterday along with a 7lb pork butt. Took 14hrs total for both to finish, one within 30min of the other. Used  lump/briquette charcoal with cherry and pecan wood.

    Here it is after resting for an hour:

    Had great bark, was awesome!

    Here it is sliced:

    Tenderness was damn-near perfect but it was a little dry. With it only being 5lb's and on the smoker for 14hrs I kind of assumed this was going to happen. I didn't wrap because I wanted the bark, which turned out exactly how I wanted it - but the dryness...It wasn't unbearable by any means, I would just prefer a little more juice. I did it fat cap down so it didn't burn, I have a vertical smoker and I did this towards the top, above the pork butt.

    Pork butt turned out perfect:

    Was juicy and shredded soooo nicely!

    My question to the brisket experts here - how do I keep something like a 5lb brisket flat from drying out without wrapping or opening the door to mop? I suspect time was simply the issue, but it took forever to get the int temp I was looking for, nothing I could really do. Also, maybe it wasn't marbled the way I thought it was? Possible? It was USDA Choice.

    Thanks for takin' a look!

  2. For me to keep my brisket flats tender I pull at 165 internal temp set in a foil pan with some beef stock to about 200-203 internal temp then start probing with with a toothpick for tenderness. The only thing you will give up some of the bark.
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    Yea I was trying for heavy bark....I guess I'll just have to give up some bark for some moisture. Thanks!

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