xmas turkey & ham

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by chris051873, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. chris051873

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    hi all its been a little while....sorry i have with held q-view from ya,but i promise to let you see the next as long as you can help me out a bit,with any of your ideas.......
    i plan on using my GOSM at 325(crispy skin)to smoke a 14 pounder of a turkey,can you mop it with butter every once in awhile or just EVOO it and forget it
    but i also have a precooked ham and not quite sure what do,or how to fit this in with the birdie,,,,can someone please set me straight on some cooking temps and internal temps?? thanks all and happy holidays
  2. flash

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    Supposedly put some mayo on the outside of the bird. Helps with keeping the skin crisper. I asked the question about spritzing the bird with something. Finally I made up a butter/memphis rub mix and have basted that on the bird. Looks pretty good.
    As to the ham, make sure you place the bird below the ham for one. Pre-cooked is suppose to be around 140 to 160º internal temp. I have pulled some up mine even lower, but this would be a safer zone to work with.
  3. chris051873

    chris051873 Newbie

    thanks flash.....things been the smoker for about 3 hours..looking pretty good...i'll let you know the turnout

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