Wsm 22" Saucer, Sand Or Pizza Pan

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  1. Hi All,

    I have a new WSM 22", I am now venturing to not adding water in the water pan. I want to as a clay saucer but don't know what size or where to find on for my 22" WSM. Can I use anything else in an empty water pan besides a saucer.. I do have to WSM water pans for my 22" wsm. I heard sand too!. Any way I would appreciate any advice,on a size saucer for my 22" WSM.
  2. mgnorcal

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    One option is ceramic briquettes.
    They don't absorb grease and you can vary the number of them in the pan according to your needs. (maybe fewer for a shorter high-temp poultry cook and more for a long butt cook)
    In my old-style WSM I like to wrap them in heavy foil before placing them in the pan (all in one large pouch of foil).
    Sand seems too messy to me.
    If you ever do get some drippings and grease on some briquettes, just set them atop your loaded charcoal-lighting chimney while the charcoal is getting lit and that will burn any stuff off.

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