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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by golfpro2301, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Have a contest this weekend and was looking to try a few new things. I usually wrap briskets and butts in foil tightly but recently have experiments with putting in pan on a rack and then using a foil tent. I have been wanting to try butcher paper for a while but havent been able to find any. I found some white 40# at staples believe it or now so I thought I would give it a try at the competition. I am only using my pellet cookers at this comp because it is a little smaller and I am trying to get all supplies in my truck. What are the chances of the paper catching fire in a pellet cooker if I used the paper as a tent over a pan? I thought about wrapping it then putting in a pan but I want to keep the au Jus for dipping slices into before putting in the box.
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    If you are keeping the smoker temp where it should be, there is no issue. Is there that much of a hot spot, 842°F over the burner with the unit set at 225 to 275°F? There is a big difference between Tenting and Wrapping. Tenting is worthless after about 30 minutes and it won't retain heat or moisture as effectively as Wrapping . You can wrap the meat in paper, placing on the rack and retain the Jus in a separate pan.
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    We cook breakfast in a paper bag over an open fire, just saying... Parchment paper which is readily available at most grocery stores also works for wrapping meats to cook, braise, steam.
  4. Did that about 40 yrs ago. Blew my mind but it works !

    Ya brought back a long forgotten memory Sailor

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