WOW!! This Pork Spare Rib sale just got better!!!

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    Late last October when my wife and I were heading back to Florida from North Carolina, we stopped in one of the towns Harvey's stores. They usually have some good meat specials and sure enough, I found a Value pack of ribs, two in a pack that were quite large for $17.42 on sale. Thought for the size of them this was a pretty good deal. I pulled the cyropack out along with a single to do 3 racks of spares for the Super Bowl.
    Whoa!! Then I found out that Value-Pack had 3 Racks of ribs in it instead of it will be 4 racks of ribs for the SB. [​IMG]
    Now THAT was a deal !!
    Man, my GOSM will be stuffed. [​IMG]

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