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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by chiefusn, May 13, 2014.

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    If you were going to a fair or some type of outdoor gathering where there was meat getting smoked and you had no idea what our smokers were. Would you eat meat from a rusted out, grease dripping and dents all down the sides drum? Even if it wasn't a fair and it was just a party you were invited to and you weren't very acquainted with the host (maybe a work party) and they had a no crap UDS. Would you eat meat from it? Just curious is all. We all know what a drum smoker is and would eat meat out of one no matter what it looked like. But what if you didn't know what a drum smoker was.

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    Hey Chad,

    Before I started smoking meat I would have thought the term UDS was some Navy Underwater Salvage unit.  After eating delicious spare ribs hung from rusted rebar in a homemade smoker made out of an old 22.5" Weber Kettle and unprotected sheet metal, also rusted, I became convinced I needed to quit trying to make the ribs I desired on a gas grill and get serious about smoking meat.  200 people at that party felt the same way had no problem eating those ribs.

    Dents, no problem at all.  To me I trust obviously well-used outdoor equipment more than the new shiny stuff.

    Now, the one difference from what you described above was there was no apparent grease buildup or dripping grease.  Grease to me is a total appetite buzz kill, but that's just me.  Memories of working part-time in restaurants as a teenager dealing with grease traps still makes me gag. 

    Fair winds!

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