Would this work as a RF??

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  1. Obviously this is a rough sketch. But is it possible to have the flow come back up and out the vertical chamber. I put the smoke stack in the wrong spot. It should be on the vertical chamber. 

    My question: Will the vertical chamber get enough heat to actually cook on the upper shelf?

    Ive already used the online calculators for firebox size, opening, etc. Im just wondering if this plan would work.
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    Check out this build...  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/155290/the-new-rig-double-smoker-gooseneck

    You will want to contact him to see how he sized the two stacks and how they work together and if he only uses it as a warming box or actually cooks in the vertical cabinet but you get the picture. He has 70 butts on it today.....an army somewhere won't be hungry this afternoon....
  3. That will work, I would just look for something better than the 55 Gallon drums. They are really thin and will not help with temp control. The build that I did is pretty similar to what you are doing. What I have noticed is the vertical box will climb in temps faster than the horizontal section when firing it up due to the fire being directly below. After the smoker is up to temp the smoker stabilized really nice, the biggest temp difference is actually the top and bottom shelf in the horizontal section. My temp readings doing a dry run with 3 maverick probes are as follow. The horizontal bottom shelf 225, top shelf 245-250, the vertical cabinet 227. I did a full cook out this weekend with an 11# brisket (13hrs), 3 shoulders (15hrs), and 3 whole chickens (4 1/2 hrs) cut in half in the vertical and I had 8 racks of St.louis ribs (5 1/2 hrs) in the vertical and everything was great. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help.
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    Your lay out is exactly how my smoker works and the vertical box gets hot enough to make wood smolder.
    I have a square stack but the same none the less. Edit: I should mention I know this because I sometimes put my splits in there to dry them if they have gotten damp.
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  5. Brooksy, is your stack on the box or on the tank portion.
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    It is on the cc. There is a flow thru between the cc and warming box with a butterfly vent at the top of warming box.
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  7. Bighoss82 is planning on making the whole thing the cook chamber with the smoke stack on the vertical box.Like the one I just built.
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    Well there ya go! Smokedstanley did the same thing you are wanting to do. So the answer is definitely yes it can be done and with good results.
  9. Just remember to count the vertical portion of the smoker as the stack when using the calculator.
    Looks awesome! Can't wait to see pics of the build.

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