Would I be better off with a good electric knife, compare to a $100 slicer.

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  1. tom c

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    I can't see spending 4 or 5 hundred on a slicer I don't think I would be using it that much. Maybe around ones or twice a month for roast beef or brisket. So would I be better off with a good electric knife compare to a $100 slicer?
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  2. flash

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    In your case I would get a good electric knife, but it is hard to slice as thin as you can get with a slicer. Still not bad.
  3. I  have got a slicer, a elect knife and i still end up using just a sharp knife. I gave away a commercial slicer to our local grange just because it was to heavy and to much trouble to clean. I do have an el cheapo slicer but I always seem to get back to the sharp knife.

  4. chef jimmyj

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    Slicers are faster at getting consistant slices...But a Steady Hand and a good Knife, Electric or Traditional...Will get the job done...Fatty and Raw meat is easier on a slicer...but partial freezing helps when doing it by hand....My SOB Cousin has my Grandfathers 1940 Hobart, Mint Condition, doesn't use it more than once a year and won't give it up!  [​IMG]....JJ
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    I'd go get it , JJ , and say you have a do to get going and just forget to take it back...LOL

    Sorta like my Son does......
  6. alblancher

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    Sams has a decent slicer for about 40 bucks if I remember correctly.  If you don't do a lot of slicing a cheap slicer is better the no slicer.   Just take your time and don't burn up the motor it will last long enough for you to decide to buy a bigger slicer.
  7. smokinal

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    A knife like this will be as good as any slicer if you practice with it & are not in a hurry.

    I have one similar to it & also have a commercial 12" slicer. 

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