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Discussion in 'Pork' started by mr500, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. mr500

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    Well few weeks ago I made a cross country trip from orlando to little rock. I went through Tn and on the way back I made a stop at the World Famous Rendezvous.

    I had been looking forward to this for weeks. I thought I was gonna taste the best ribs ever!!  Well i was wrong. Might have been a bad day for them I do not know but the ribs were NOT that great. They dry rubb after they come off the smoke as you all know, and the rubb is all I could taste. I was tasting paprika and cummin for hours. They had no smoke ring OR flavor. AND the membrane was still on. Had to pull it off like dead skin!!  Needless to say i was so disappointed. I heard so much about the place only to come away with a bad taste. Also had the sausage and it was about the same. Not good at all in my opinion....

    Has anyone else had the ribs from here?

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  2. bluebombersfan

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    That sounds like a pretty big dissappoinment!  Have to go home and throw on a rack yourself to make up for those!!!
  3. mr500

    mr500 Meat Mopper

    LOL actually mine did taste better hahah.

  4. eman

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    I am seeing more and more BBQ joints not trimming racks or removing the membrane from their ribs. Lazy? cost control? not knowing any better???
  5. alblancher

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    I think more often then not your experience just proves that the majority of people do not know what good BBQ actually tastes like.  I find good BBQ at these places but not as good as what my friends and I can do.  I think these places earn reputations from people that believe mediocre BBQ is excellent BBQ.  As far as not trimming ribs, they probably charge you the same price as they did for the trimmed ribs, so they are trying to increase their gross profit without going up on their prices.
  6. smoke king

    smoke king Smoke Blower

    I used to travel to Memphis for work and I have been to Rendezvous 3 or 4 times. I like the rub, but I agree that the ribs are nothing great.  They have to churn out hundreds (maybe even thousands) of racks a day, so they can't do the low and slow that we are accustomed to.  But even disappointing BBQ is better than nothing! I brought home a bottle of the rub and my kids like it, especially on popcorn.
  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Gotta do this,[​IMG]. Being raised in Texas and traveled among the States as an adult,I have found that one cannot find BBQ - I'm talking Smoked -  foods that has the quality of home smoked. You put your own flavor on it and cook it your way; that's the down fall of BBQ Restaurants(the holding time , the heat for proper holding, etc.). This all degrades the product , and that is because of slow sales and the inability to keep the food in the moist environment of a big 'Pit'. Improper - or - incomplete knowledge spoils the taste.

    There are a few BBQ places that have the Savoy to do good BBQ , but it takes patience, consistency and persistence to produce good "Q". However, some places have such a following of Folks that don't have the knowledge of what good Smoked food taste like and end up like Rendezvous. Then there are the places (usually the small ones) that don't try to feed the World, that do have a good product, hence the great flavor of homemade BBQ,right off the Smoker and still having a crisp Bark.[​IMG]

    I not a pro. ,but I can do better Smokes at home than I can find anywhere commercial.

    Ex.- when my Ribs start to sweat, I do the bend test,then judge the doneness and serve to my friends.[​IMG]

    Maybe I have offended some of those that have a BBQ Restaurants, but I feel secure that that is the consensus[​IMG]  of many.Do it at home and enjoy the Family and a better(cheaper) meal.[​IMG]

    Have fun and.....
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  8. alblancher

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    Like you said, when serving to my friends we eat when the meat is ready.  Has to be tough keeping costs in line and not throwing away meat that has been out of the smoke to long.  Also how do you cook for a broad spectrum of people with different acceptable amounts for salt, spices, smoke etc.
  9. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Well, when doing for different taste, come up with a rub or a condiment that compliments the meat or just Smoke it,no rubs, and have a sauce ready for them to dump on it for taste.

    I found that I do best when trying to please me and not all the Naysayers.Leaves more for me[​IMG]. However , I have slightly adjusted my saesonings for my FIL, now he won't have Ribs from anywhere else.Usually if you need to please, a little Sugar in the mix seems to please them, and easing up on the chile heat by using a milder one like ground Ancho.

    As for salt, I don't use any due to my water retention,taste the same--Smoke, well if they don't like strong smoke wrap in foil eirlier than normal , then maybe they will be satisfied.

    Hope you work it out, and....
  10. chef jimmyj

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    NOTHING gets me more worked up than going to a "Must Try before you Die" restaurant and being able to make better food on an Off My Game Day! My Wife is hesitant to go almost anywhere out to eat with me and loses it when the whole family goes out and me and my Cheffie Daughters start tearing the food apart!...I have never been to the Rendezvous but have seen several shows on the Food Network that featured the place...Honestly, it didn't even look that good...and forget about putting Raw Rub on any finished product, no time for the flavors to meld...When it comes to Q I have had in GA, OK and TX...The Best has been in broken down Shacks away from the city lights!  Skip the China, Wine list and Stemware...Gimme Butcher Paper and a Mason Jar of Sweet Tea and I'm ecstatic...JJ
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  11. smokinal

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    I guess that's why we all eat at home, can't beat backyard BBQ!
  12. tom c

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  13. mballi3011

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    Thats the one thing that I have found out wile traveling. Most of the bbq joints that you come bye have some pretty lousy Q to us here that eat OUR good Q. You have to remember they have to keep their meat hot for hours. You don't get the meat right off the grill like we do. It's te best it can be when we serve our food.
  14. ...just pray they haven't gotten so popular that they've started cutting corners!
  15. mr500

    mr500 Meat Mopper

    I could not agree more. MOM/POP shacks have some of the best Q and luv that sweet tea lol. Just drive off the beaten path and your golden!!!!!!
  16. tiki guy

    tiki guy Smoking Fanatic

     I have always been very skeptical  with RIBS ..... I hate when I order um and they ain't good ,  tough , to much nasty rub, ( over powering like Ya said )

    My lady hates it BUT when we go to a " Must have rib place "  I always say     " How are yer ribs ?....I'm gonna "TRY UM" if they don't fall off the bone , or the flavor is bad I'm send-in um BACK ! "    You would be surprised  just how many Waitress's have said ( in a whisper)  "don't get them today we have had a lot of complaints , OR  our normal Cook is off today , and they are a bit tough .

    I don't mind paying for good Q  ..  But I ain't fightin a dam rib for a small hunk a meat that is so tough that it sticks in my teeth the rest of the day to remind me just how bad the meal was i just paid for
  17. mr500

    mr500 Meat Mopper

    1000% agree.

    My wife always gives me the rolling eyes look when I say my ribs taste better. Believe me, when i find a Q joint that tastes great and my toungue is slappin my face then i will say they are better.

    Around here, none of the commercial joints have us backyarders beat!!!!!!!!! IMHO lol

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