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  1. Tried a different way of smoking.  Before tonight, I had only used charcoal, and A LOT of charcoal.  Tonight, I tried using more wood and less charcoal, and it seemed to work out well.  I plan to keep playing with it.  Now I need to figure how to better control the temps with wood.

    Any suggestions? Comments? Tips?  Smaller pieces of wood?  Tighter (more sealed up) firebox, cooking chamber?  The results were still great.  But I need to learn to be more efficient. 
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    What kind of pit are you using?
  4. side fire box.  a cheap char broil charcoal grill and smoker.
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    There are lots of mods that'll help.. that is if you haven't already.
  6. here are some of my mods.

    I have also added a water pan, just inside the cooking chamber, next to the fire box.

    Needing to add fiberglass rope or oven door rope, around the cooking chamber lid.
  7. Am going to do the same to my char broil os . ive had it for a year and never realized what i had bought until now . i added a new temp gauge and left the manufactuers on as well so i can get readings from the middle and the far end of the chamber . Orenglin that is a bright idea of using the oven rope . I also seen the same material used on hurst boilers . am also going to seal my smoke stack with jb weld .. sand it smooth and spray paint it with heat resistant paint . i been using wood the whole time but i think am going to mix wood and charcoal . if thats not a good idea please give me a heads up .
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  8. after moving up to a lang 60 from a charbroil horz. I FEEL YOUR PAIN[​IMG]
  9. Its good and bad . my bad side is am a beginer and am learning . the good is that we can make modifications that makes our smokers unique .
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    how/where did you get the fire basket?  Been looking for something like that for my offset (New Braunfels).
  11. I made it.  You can too.  There are several how to's using one piece of expanded metal, a few cuts and then folding it up to form a basket.


    Mine is made out of some kind of Stainless Steal mesh, that I was able to do the same thing with.  A local welder/metal shop had this scrap stainless steal laying around, bought the whole piece of $10.  It works great!

    Orenglin, evening...   I embeded your u-tube video.....   Offsite links are not allowed....   Please embed any future U-tube videos....   No harm, no foul.....    Dave
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    Thanks... Will find some and make one.
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    This may be a crazy question, but can you burn sticks in an ECB? I just found a source for free pecan wood :)
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    Sure you can if it's cut small enough and pre-burned into coals and shoveled into your charcoal basket.
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    Yes, works great if you "Pre-burn " the wood to coals. good steady heat and clean smoke. A little babysitting involved , and maybe a Modification to the Smoker (check the ' search' at the top).

    Essentially , put the  legs on the outside and make or find a stand for the firepan... just MHO.

    Have fun and ...

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