wood is still moist, use it or wait?

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by scottlindner, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. I bought a bag of apple chunks from the local store and they still smell like a fresh cut apple and even have that fresh cut moist feel to them. Can I use it or should I wait? Any good way to accelerate the drying process?
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    Hi Scott,

    I strongly suggest using seasoned and dry wood. I suggest adding wood to the firebox dry, without soaking it. I know that some of the stick burners place their wood on top of their rigs to "preheat" the wood, and this also drives additional moisture out. If this is your only wood, then you are kind of stuck. If you have other dry wood, use that.

    Part of the reason you want to use dry seasoned wood is that green and moist wood can lead to the creation of Creosote that can coat your food. It tastes nasty, and can numb your tongue.
  3. I can wait. I have some hickory and pecan that I can use.

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