wings or pices?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by dribron, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Hey, all. My wife's b-day is comming up so in addition to smoking some salmon, I was thinking of maybe smoking some wingsbut was thin king that they might dry out, and lack crispyness. I could finnish them on the grill, but really do not want to have clean up of both smoker and grill. So how might it be to finnish them off in oven on high temps to finish, then toss in sauce? Or would I be better off with legs and thighs?
    Any thoughs??
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    I've found the problem with wings is too much effort, not enough product. IMO drumsticks work better... or legs and thighs if you like. Either way, you'll have to finish them on the grill if you want real crispiness.
  3. I actualy steam my wings first to render the fat out and cook them through. Then I put them in the oven or grille at about 375-400 for a few munutes. This gives them a real nice crispy skin.
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    Typically I smoke em for 2 hours, then toss em on the weber kettle to crisp up. The extra step on the grill is well worth the 15 minutes to get a 1/2 chimney starter going.

    ALso try brining the wings first if you are worried about drying them out.
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    I have not tried wings on the smoker yet but I really want to. What my plan is I am going to smoke the wings for a while maybe two hours or so and then to crisp them up I am going to quickly deep fry or put them on the grill then sauce them up. There have been quite a few posts on wings lately and they are doing all different kinds of methods so check them out maybe you will get some new idea's.
  6. The wings we smoked on Saturday turned out really good. Not dry at all, we made a cyan pepper rub that was just about 3 parts sugar, 1 part cyan pepper, and 1 part Lawry's Seasoned Salt. Then spritzed every half hour to 45 minutes with apple cider vinegar. They came out extremely juicy and were smoked at 200-225 for just under 3 hours. The last hour we whipped up a spicy BBQ sauce that was half Famous Dave's Devil Spit, half Sweet & Sassy, and a dash of cider vinegar to thin it out some then basted the whole lot of them. This was a combination of hickory and cherry wood for smoking and they turned out with a nice mild smoke taste and were crispy on the edges. Sweet BBQ taste at first then the afterburn from the cyan kicked in. [​IMG] I recommend if you make these that you go easy on the cyan, cause they were a little more spicy than we intended.

    Whatever you do, don't forget the qview! [​IMG]
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    There are amny ways to get the skin crispy. You can finish them on a regular grill or maybe the oven but the oven isn't any better then the smoker. I would just smoke the wings alittle hotter and then that will crisp to skin. Thats what I do and then they don't dry out either.
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    How long is the steaming process & what does it entail?

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