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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by triggermortis, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. triggermortis

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    howdy, i really like my propane GOSM when i'm too lazy to use the longhorn, but i have to run the burner on it's lowest setting to keep the temps right. i live out here on the high plains where the wind blows, and it keeps blowin' out my flame if i don't block it. i've taken some 12 inch metal flashing and bent it into a u-shape, and after facing the smoker away from the wind, i jam the flashing into the ground to block the wind. this works fine, but i'm lookin' for a better way that's a little handier, was wonderin' what everyone else does.
  2. 'wind problems'
    (it's got to be said)

    Try laying off the ABT's :)
  3. smoke freak

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    I have two 5'X5" sections hinged in the middle so I can position it any direction I want. This thing will block out the sun but is no match for the Kansas winds some days. My wife calls it the great wall of barbecue.
  4. doctor phreak

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    sounds like to me you have solved your problem...or you can move somewhere where there is no
  5. ddave

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    I use a couple of pieces of OSB hinged together.

    My problem isn't so much the flame blowing out (although sometimes that happens) as with the wind affecting temps.

  6. davidmcg

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    With the wind I do one of three things. Go for it and live with it being the first. Second if that doesn't work out I'll put my canopy up and drop some tops from the side. Tried blocking it a few times with just some pieces of plywood, but out here in this part of Kansas the wind would blow up over the top of the wind and still cause problems. Thats why I went with the canopy and tarps. Blocked on the sides and top. Drawback to the canopy and tarps is sometimes the smoke gets so thick in there it makes breathing a little difficult. My last choice is surrender to the wind and not smoke. I hate it when it comes to that. My son he uses his welding screens and seems to enjoy that. What ever works I say.
  7. gnubee

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    I have a tin garden shed sitting on the dirt. Problem solved.
  8. kennymn

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    Haven't posted anything for awhile but I'm still a live and well , I have a GOSM and this is what I did to solve my wind problem . I built a shelter with 3 or 4 sheets of 1/2'' plywood and 8 hinges , it works in all weather ( wind , rain , snow ) and you can fold it up for storage when not in use. It works so good I gave it a coat of paint even .

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