will this work for a firebox?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by britj, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. I have almost got everything i need to start my build full force. As stated in some of my other post, I am using a 275 gallon oil tank, according to Feldon's BBQ Pit/Smoker Build Calculator the 275 gallon tanks cooking chamber is 63,525.00 cubic in, and i need a firebox of 21,175.00 cubic in. I have found something I think may work. Its a old water tank off of a concrete truck. The metal is approx 1/8" thick. The tank is 48" long and 24" diameter. They also have another thats 28" diameter. The 24" one is approx 120 gallons, and the 28" one is approx 140 gallons. Will this work for a firebox, size wise and metal thickness wise?
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    Are you planning on insulating?
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  5. I can if its needed
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    Brit , Send Q-view of your parts ans equipment. we can see what you are saying and offer better advice, if that's what you need. Send progress Q-view and show-off you skills...

    As for bottoms... I have ans prefer flat bottoms. Easier to clean and maintain. I also have a round FB Smoker and when it burns out I gotta get another piece of pipe or something that ill fit...more $$$  With a flat bottom , simply go to scrap yard and get one big enough and weld it back on. [​IMG]

    Just a thought, have fun and as always...

  7. Currently I only have a pic of the welder and trailer. Havent really taken any pictures of the tank or materials yet. No really "progress" other then taking the wheels and old ball hitch off. (was a 1 7/8" and i needed a 2"). Im hoping tomorrow to start ripping the old wood off and the rest of the lights. I DO PLAN TO ADD 2 DIAGONAL SUPPORTS FOR THE TOUNGE OF THE TRAILER, it wont be just the single piece of 2" square tubing. Also, the current side railings will be cut down so they wont be so high up. I took the wheels off because one was flat and the other is very dry rotted. so i have to get new rubbers put on. 
  8. Nice welding machine! hope it all works out .... keep posting pics please...... want to learn from everybody~!


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