Wild weekend at the lodge.

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  1. As some of you know I'm a member of the Mason's. Several members have a passon for smoking so we started doing some community events. 

    Friday we had our Wild Game Dinner.  I got there after work probably around 3:30. We had appitesers of Goose Quesedillas, Elk Sliders, Sesemee Phesant, assorted sausages, cheeses, and crackers. From there we went to the main line which had Venison Meatloaf, Buffalo Chilli, Burbon Glazed Elk, Great Lakes Jambalia.

    While the dinner was going on I had my big smoker going in the parking lot filled with 120# of butt for Saturdays Meridian Township Heritage Festival.  I did the pulled pork, wicked beans, and cole slaw.  After dinner was over and cleaned up I started shreadding 100# of cabbage, carrots, and red onions for the cole slaw.  By now my Butt is ready to come off and get pulled.  Next thing I new, it was 3am and I new I had to be back by 7 to set up for the festival.

    I got back and started loading up, in the rain.  The rain killed us.  We now have several pans frozen.  While I was working the festival my wife was at the lodge getting ready for a wedding she agreed to do the food for.  Once the festival was over, (and we figured we wouldnt sell any more coffee or hot cocca) we came back to unload. I stayed there helping with the wedding.  We got all the food out, kept refilling the chaffers, and cleaned everything up. By now its pushing midnight and I made a friend with the bartender.  My wife encouraged me to go to the lobby and sleep on a bench for the night, and I agreed. Next thing I knew she was waking me up.  I had my dish crew coming in to put the building back together and I promissed them breakfast.  Well, she brought me all my fixin's for biscuts & gravey so I started cooking again at 5:45. 

    Well, we ate, cleaned, told storys & lies, put things away, and  came home.  After about 3 naps, I feel good and ready to watch some football and snack on  leftovers.

    Sometimes you look forward to going back to work... it's less work than days off.
  2. jarjarchef

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    Sounds like fun.....
    I am sure you have many people happy with your hard work and efforts you put in this weekend...

    Keep the smoke rolling....
  3. Lots of work but also lots of happy fed people and you probably had fun too!
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    Sounds like a great weekend but we have a saying around here 

  5. Sorry Scar, I didnt think about it.

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