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  1. I was given a wild hog that a friend of mine had trapped today.  This was only the 2nd wild hog I have butchered.  After butchering the hog it seems like the meat is very very lean with hardly any fat in it at all.  When I grind the pork to add to venison for summer sausage  do I need to add some pork fat to the mix?  If I am going to make brats or breakfast sausage do I need to add some pork fat to the mix?

  2. Yes wild hog is about like venison. Very lean. I add some store bought butt to mine. Or sometimes ground beef. It works great. How big was the hog?

    Happy smoken.

  3. I have made wild hog sausage without adding fat. I was making breakfast sausage.

  4. Don't forget about Italion sausage. It is very tasty.

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    I trap several hogs a year here at the farm and a good friend of mine makes up summer sausage from time to time for me. High Temp cheese, and jalepenos. Man this stuff doesn't last very long around here. 

  6. send us some pics if you have some
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    OK ... here ya go.

    My buddy shoots these hybrid hogs here in Florida and they are pretty tasty indeed but you do need to add about 15% pork fat and don't use any of the wild hog fat  ... LOL    [​IMG]

  8. what are they? they look if they were sprayed painted
  9. rexlan

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    BINGO .... you are the only one who has nailed it right off!

    Still need to add the fat though.
  10. Are you saying I got it about them being sprayed painted?
  11. rexlan

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    Yes ... they painted them as a gag photo ... pretty clever too. 
  12. YA if he shoot them on an alien plant

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