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  1. O K folks, I know most will think I an crazy but here is a recipe or rather a method for cooking the best weenies (as we call em) you have ever eaten.  I learned this from a man from Kentucky who was attending a MIM bbq contest.  And he said the same to us when he invited us over for a taste.  Use only the plain little red weenies, such as Oscar Myers.   I cook mine whenever I cook ribs as I cook my ribs slow for about 4 to 5 hours.  Place the weenies on your pit at 200 Degrees, never over that temp, smoke lightly with wood chips or whatever you use to smoke your ribs or other bbq.  Leave them alone until they start sweating, there will be small beads of water on their surfaces, then they are done.  This takes approx. 2 hours at that temp (200).  I promise you cannot eat just one.  Cook a lot of them as everyone present will not be able to eat just one.  If you have never tried this, you will be surprised how good they really are.  Don't mess em up by putting any rub or seasoning on them.  Just outta the pack on and in the pit.  If you try this, let me know what you think.
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    Dang it man sorry I am late to this party,,, that sounds great,, I will be giving this a try for sure 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker,,,Stay happy happy happy 

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    Holy Moly! I gotta try this!


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    Interesting and sounds like a plan for the average dog my family likes... I buy natural casing weenies for myself, a Jersey fav from Schickhaus and would have to crisp the skin a bit. Love that snap!...JJ

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