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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by idaho, Sep 7, 2013.

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    I was wondering if anyone has done whole hog sausage? I would cure the bacon's an hams and grind the rest. We are not much into pork for more then breakfast food and sausage is our fav. I have come across a few good deals on a 400 pound sow who will not breed.

    Since we have a problem with getting attached to the ones we raise we have decided that is not the best route lol. Sad since we live in a area that we can and also get great deals on bulk grain.
  2. I hunt hogs and i use every thing butt the butts and ribs for sausage. I like the keep the ribs and butts for smoking but the rest of the hog gets made into sausage.
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    Thats cool, how does it turn out for fat/meat ratio? Wish we had hogs here to hunt i so want to do that. We have about everything else in my yard, Elk,moose,bear,deer,cougar,turkeys,grouse an quail lol
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    Whole hog is the way to go.

    Great sausage. 
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  6. I always add pork fat to my hog meat there is fat on them but no where near as much as store bought pork.
  7. idaho

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    Mine would not be wild, So should be ok 
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    Yes, you'll be fine. Personally I'd cut some boneless chops out the back straps, keep the ribs and grind everything else.
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    Ok want a good laugh... I despise BBQ ribs or most any BBQ (sauced) . I can not even stay in the kitchen when the family eats ribs all that sticky stuff makes my skin crawl. I am mostly interested in getting into sausage and cured meats.
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     Well just ordered the pulley's to turn my #32 hand grinder into a motorized grinder. Was going to start a new thread for my build but could not find a section for that so will just post pictures here i guess. Should get to start it next weekend. So far i have a #32 i got off Ebay for 50 bucks a 1/4 hp motor i got from my dad. Just ordered a 14in pulley for the grinder 2 pillow blocks to run a extra set of pulley's to get the speed down. 
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    Ok i have been gathering my supplies. So far i have

     1- 1/4 hp motor was free so if it is not enough well nothing lost.

     1 # 32 meat grinder

     1 14in pulley for grinder

     2 Pillow blocks for getting the speed down

     1 3.5 in Pulley

     1 1.5 in Pulley

      2 Belts

     1 1/2 bolt for the shaft on the pillow blocks.

     Misc nuts and bolts, Still deciding on the base. I gather it will weigh close to 80 pounds when done but should grind about 300 pounds per hr.This weekend has been destroyed by other problems around home and work. Will try to lay it all out on the counter and get a picture and see what my base needs will be. HOPE i can figure how to post the pictures :)
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  14. idaho

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    Life sure has a way of getting in the way of what you WANT to do. Parts all sitting on the counter have everything i need except FREE TIME. Death in the family, daughter got in a car accident extra work, sheesh starting to think God does not want me to make sausage lol
  15. sorry to hear about your loss. take care of family first and the rest will fall into place. youll get ur chance.
  16. idaho

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    I am thinking Sunday will be MY day. Sad that to have a project day for me will require my 44 on the counter and the phrase MAKE MY day needed when people enter my space lol. Deer and Elk season start next weekend and then its 2 months of hunting :). If i get a Elk will be a good test as the daughters Fiancee could live off elk burger.
  17. idaho

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    Well got some free time yesterday and daughter fiancee helped and we put my grinder together. Fixed a couple design flaws from the ones i have seen. We tried it out on a few half frozen Venison steaks and tossed in some bacon. Going to get some more Venison steak out today and and will get some video of it. 
  18. i could live off pretty much anything elk. lol. or deer for that matter.

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