Whole Chicken & Turkey Legs.... with Qview!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by brewndrink, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. brewndrink

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    Doing a whole chicken and 2 turkey legs for myself and my beautiful wife... :)  I removed the skin from the breast of the chicken, oiled and seasoned the entire bird, then replaced the breast skin with an improved 'skin'... yes... bacon!... seasoned that as well...

    On the turkey legs I peeled back the skin, pierced the silverskin and meat with a fork... basted it all in a mix of veg oil and worcestershire sauce.. pulled the skin back up and secured at the top with toothpicks..

    Got my Webber kettle set up with the iQue 110 at a steady 225... Put the meat on...

    I'll update as I go!

  2. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    1 hour in... Things looking nice....[​IMG]
  3. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    2 hours in.... still very happy... it's all looking good to me... chicken breast at 145 degrees...[​IMG]
  4. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    2:30 hours in... basted chicken with sauce... leaving the turkey legs as is for now... I was stuck at 150degrees on the chicken for a while, but just broke through...[​IMG]
  5. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    3:10 hours.... put the turkey legs in a crutch with a touch of red wine... chicken is at 155degrees... I'm going to wait it our to 160, then let it rest... Not sure on the legs... I'm going to play that one by ear....
  6. bmudd14474

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    Looking good
  7. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    Okay.. so pulled the chicken and it's looking good.. resting now... the turkey legs looked good, but were still pretty tough... left them on the smoker and cranked it up to 300degrees... I'll check them in an hour....[​IMG]
  8. looking good so far
  9. brewndrink

    brewndrink Newbie

    Dinner was a complete success!... Chicken was beautiful... the bacon helped keep the breast moist and helped keep the smoke at a perfect level... Turkey legs stayed on for another hour while we ate... just pulled them and a sample tells us we did good... :)... lunch tomorrow promises to be great![​IMG]
  10. smokinal

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    Nice looking plate!

    Everything looks delicious!
  11. billyj571

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     My mouth is watering. great job

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